Who We Are

Institutional Advancement Staff

Pamela L. Ferguson
Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Phone: 973-720-2425
Email: fergusonp4@wpunj.edu

Janis Schwartz
Executive Director, Alumni Relations
Phone: 973-720-2932
Email: schwartzj3@wpunj.edu

Rebecca Kalejaye
Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations
Phone:  973-720-2970
Email:  kalejayer@wpunj.edu

Spencer I. Scott
Director, Major Gifts and Planned Giving
Phone:  973-720-2825
Email:  scotts7@wpunj.edu

Nancy Norville
Director of Annual Giving
Phone:  973-720-2782
Email:  norvillen@wpunj.edu

Judy Linder
Director of Major Gifts
Phone:  973-720-2309
Email:  linderj@wpunj.edu

Marlene Birnbaum
Director of Major Gifts
Phone:  973.720.6260
Email: birnbaumm1@wpunj.edu

Michael Russo
Director of Major Gifts
Phone:  973.720.3990
Email:  russom28@wpunj.edu

Sharon Ryan
Assistant Director, Alumni Relations and Communications
Phone: 973-720-3625
Email: ryans3@wpunj.edu

Maxwell Seeland
Associate Director of Annual Giving
Phone:  973-720-3847
Email:  seelandm1@wpunj.edu

Elizabeth Fitzpatrick
Donor Relations Manager
Phone:  973-720-3811
Email:  fitzpatricke1@wpunj.edu

Diana Krohnert
Manager Data Administration
Phone:  973-720-2930
Email:  krohnertd@wpunj.edu

Lynn Lazar
Manager of Development Research and Prospect Management
Phone:  973-720-3924
Email:  lazarl@wpunj.edu

Meredith McCarthy
Manager of Special Events
Phone:  973-720-3920
Email:  mccarthym@wpunj.edu

Rodney Cauthen
Alumni Associate and Coordinator of Parent Programs
Phone: 973-720-2897
Email: cauthenr@wpunj.edu

Yvette Viera Villanueva
Finance/Operations Manager
Phone:  973-720-3221
Email:  vieravillanuevay@wpunj.edu

Gail M. Kinney
Assistant to VP, Institutional Advancement
Phone:  973-720-2615
Email:  kinneyg@wpunj.edu

Ann Appleby
Assistant to Dir, Annual Giving & Special Development Programs
Phone:  973-720-3201
Email:  applebya@wpunj.edu

Gina Buffalino
Program Assistant, Alumni Relations
Phone: 973-720-2175
Email: buffalinog@wpunj.edu

Mary Pospisil
Assistant to Mgr, Special Events and Donor Relations
Phone:  973-720-2934
Email:  pospisilm@wpunj.edu

Davonna Approvato
Professional Services Specialist, Major Gifts
Phone: 973-720-2478
Email: approvatod@wpunj.edu

Shawn Conklin
Program Assistant, Database Administration
Phone: 973-720-2933
Email: conklins2@wpunj.edu

Charles Dougherty
P/T Program Assistant, Database Management
Email: Doughertyc4@wpunj.edu