Guidelines for Allocating CLEP Credits
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Guidelines for Subject Exams

NOTE:    • A student cannot take a CLEP Subject Exam if 90 credits or more have been earned.
                • A student must earn a score of 50 or better on all exams unless otherwise noted.
CLEP Examination
William Paterson University Allocation
American Literature with Essay
English major or elective
Analysis & Interpretation of Literature (with essay)
Introduction to Literature (ENG 150)
English Literature (with essay)
English major or elective
College French (Levels 1 and 2) 6 credits
University requirement
College German (Levels 1 and 2) 6 credits
University requirement
College Spanish (Levels 1 and 2) 6 credits
University requirement
American Government
American Government (POL 120)
History of the U.S. I: Early Colonizations to 1877
History to the Civil War (HIST 205) Not applicable for history majors
History of the U.S. II: 1865 to the present
History since the Civil War (HIST 206) Not applicable for history majors
Western Civilization I: Ancient Near East to 1648
Western Civilization to 1648 (HIST 101)-GE requirement
Western Civilization II: 1648 to the Present
Western Civilization since 1648 (HIST 102)-GE requirement
Introduction to Educational Psychology
Education major or elective
Introduction to Psychology
General Psychology (PSY 110)
Human Growth and Development
Developmental Psychology (PSY 210)
Introductory Sociology
Principles of Sociology (SOC 101)
College Algebra
College Algebra (MATH 115)
Pre-Calculus (MATH 116)
Calculus with Elementary Functions
Calculus I (MATH 160)
General Biology (4 credits)
General Biology I (BIO 163)
General Chemistry
General Chemistry (CHEM 160)
Information Systems and Computer Applications
Free elective credit (no parallel WPU course)
Financial Accounting
Principles of Accounting I (ACCT 211)
Principles of Macroeconomics
Macroeconomics (ECON 201)
Principles of Microeconomics
Microeconomics (ECON 202)

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by telephone (973-720-2570) or email:

William Paterson University's CLEP Program reserves the right to make changes in its policies and offerings.

Changes are designed to enhance the learning experience for all students.