Proposed timeline for Degree Works implementation (subject to adjustments)


12/18/13 – Degree Works Licensed from Ellucian

2/12/14 – Implementation Services Request for Proposal issued

3/28/14 – Strata Information Group (SGI) selected as implementation service provider

5/13/14 – Project implementation call with SGI (discuss timelines, planning needs, team resources)

5/22/14 – Information Technology and SGI call (hardware and test install scheduling)

5/22/14 – Catalog authentication call between scribing team and SGI (scribe prep and determine sample programs to be scribed)

6/2/14 – Scribing of initial sample programs by SGI in progress

6/16/14 – Installation of Degree Works on WPU servers

11/18/14 – Kick-Off Meeting starting at 10 am to 12 pm, Cheng Library Auditorium.

11/18/14 to 11/21/14 – Kick-Off/Technical Workshops(configuration, data extract localizations, style sheet localizations, base catalog should be completed)

4/8/15 - Information Session 9am - 11am Cheng Library Auditorium

4/13/15 – Proposed go-live date

4/14/15 - Information Session 2pm - 4pm Cheng Library Auditorium

7/28/14 – Scribing to start 

2/2/15 – Web Functionality/Go-Live Consulting (Workshops with hands on practice advisor session, and final go-live prep)

3/2/15 – Production cutover (clone process)

4/20/15 - Information Session 9am - 11am Cheng Library Auditorium

5/1/15 - Information Session 10am - 12pm Cheng Library Auditorium

In Progress: 

Ongoing scribing undergraduate programs


Scribing Transfer Equivalency Functionality and Student Educational Planner (SEP) is planned for the 2015-2016 academic year

Scribing graduate programs is planned for the 2016-2017 academic year