Book Clubs

      The Center for Teaching Excellence will provide, free of charge, copies of books to faculty who commit to a meeting or meetings to discuss those books in depth. Any three or more faculty, preferably from at least two different disciplines, who wish to read and discuss any book directly concerned with teaching, can apply to the Directors, who will order the copies immediately via the Net and have them within several days. The books can be from the Center's collection or others of faculty choice. They may be classics, like Gilbert Highet’s The Art of Teaching, or completely new publications. The sole restriction is that they not be strictly discipline-based, but focused rather on teaching and learning.


 Book Club Discussion

Upcoming Fall 2017 Book Clubs: 

     The Center for Teaching Excellence is continuing its series of conversations about books relating to teaching and learning. Our next book is The Skillful Teacher: On Technique, Trust, and Responsiveness in the Classroom (3rd edition) by Stephen D. Brookfield (Jossey-Bass. 2015). We think this book has much to offer to both new and experienced teachers.  The book is long (though not as long as it looks), so we will recommend several chapters for you to focus on.

      Join the discussion and debate about this book on Wednesday, October 25 at 3:30 in the Cheng Library's Paterson Room.  Light snacks will be provided. If participants wish, the discussion may continue into subsequent meetings.  Please note that the group will be limited to twenty participants. If you'd like to participate, please RSVP as soon as possible so that we can send you a copy of the book (CTE provides you with the book).  Please email to make your reservations.

    For a description of The Skillful Teacher, you might look at the publisher's website:


 Please send questions, suggestions or comments to Keumjae Park and Bob Rosen, 

Co-directors, Center for Teaching Excellence