Who is eligible to attend Summer Camps at William Paterson University?

All students interested in having an academically-enriched experience from all neighboring communities, states, out-of-state, and internationally are eligible to attend the summer camps. Students from Grades 4 through 12 may register for grade level-appropriate weekly programs/camps. Registration is based on the grade level for the upcoming year (2017-2018). Please contact us if you have a question regarding your child’s placement at youthprograms@wpunj.edu.

How do I register and pay for camps?

To register for camps, please browse our online catalog. Once you have chosen the program(s) you wish to enroll your child in this summer, click "Select Program" and then "Register for Selected Courses." If you are selecting multiple programs, your Course Cart can be found on the left-hand side of the online catalog. On the final registration page, you will be asked to fill out personal information, enter any promo codes, and provide valid credit card information.

Will registration confirmation be sent?

YES, a confirmation email will be sent to the e-mail address on record a week prior to class. Please make sure your email is current on the application to ensure proper delivery of all Youth Programs materials.

My child is starting 7th Grade in September—should I register him/her for a Grades 4-6 program or a Middle School program?

It is up to the parent's discretion to decide which age group your incoming seventh grader will be most comfortable in. A more mature student may feel more comfortable taking part in Middle School programs.

My child is starting 9th Grade in September—should I register him/her for a Middle School program or a High School program?

It is up to the parent's discretion to decide which age group your incoming ninth grader will be most comfortable in. A more mature student may feel more comfortable taking part in High School programs.

What are the refund guidelines?

Notification must be received in writing at least five (5) business days prior to the course to receive a full refund minus a $25 processing fee. If we receive notification less than five (5) business days' notice, you will receive a credit towards another youth program during the current summer session less a $25 processing fee. NO refunds or credits will be given after the first day of the camp/program. Please send all Youth Program cancellation notifications to youthprograms@wpunj.edu


Can my child stay a full day and take morning and afternoon sessions?

YES, students registered for both morning and afternoon sessions will be supervised in between sessions by WP College Student Assistants in the commuter’s cafeteria from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. Students are responsible for bringing their own lunch or purchasing lunch in the WP Cafeteria.

What if I need to pick my child up from camp early?

If you are aware that you will need to pick up your child early from a summer youth program, a member of WP Youth Programs Staff must be notified the morning of.

If my children are registered for morning and afternoon sessions, will there be someone to walk them to lunch and their next session?

YES, after lunch, a WP College Student Assistant will walk students to their afternoon classes.


Is lunch supervised?

YES, lunch is supervised by our WP College Student Assistants.

What if my child has a food allergy?

Students—especially students with food allergies—are encouraged to bring their own lunch. If a student wishes to purchase lunch in the WP Cafeteria, all packaged food is properly labeled to alert students about potential allergic contents. Students are also encouraged to carry their EpiPens with them. EpiPens may be stored in the School Nurse's office.

Are health forms required?

YES, health forms are required for each student registered for a summer camp. Health forms are due before the start of the summer camp your child is enrolled in. You may bring these health forms with you on the Monday morning your child(ren)'s program begins. If you do not submit the required health forms, your child will not be able to take part in his/her summer camp.

My child is registered for more than one week of summer camps, do I need to submit a health form each week?

NO, only one (1) health form needs to be submitted by the start of the student's first day of camp. That health form will be valid for all following weeks of the 2017 Summer Youth Programs.

Will my child be required to get a Physical Exam?

NO, students are not required to get Physical Exams prior to the start of their program as long as your child(ren)'s most recent physical is less than one year old.

I have another question! Who can I contact?

You can email your questions to youthprograms@wpunj.edu.