Department Mission

The mission of the Physics Department at William Paterson is to educate students to better understand the concepts and phenomena of the physical world. The goal is provide students with a background of comprehensive knowledge and a set of skills that will allow them to function as scientists in the workplace or to be successful in graduate or professional schools.  It is our mission to prepare science students to conduct research and to be role models in their fields.  For those students who are not science majors, it is our mission to provide exposure to the process of doing science and a broad knowledge of the field of physics and the applications of these sciences to everyday life.

We serve several constituencies:

  • Non-science majors (students satisfying disciplinary General Education  requirements or who express interest, beyond their own field, in physics.)
  • College  Physics course requirements for Biology, pre-medical students
  • General Physics course requirement for Chemistry, Computer Science, and Mathematics  students.
  • Physics Minors