RN to BSN Program

It is not easy being a nurse in today’s world of ever changing technology.  As the demands of the health care delivery system and the profession change, so must education. 

Baccalaureate education is the minimum preparation for the professional practice of nursing. To broaden your career opportunities and meet the challenges of the expanding roles of the nurse, higher education is required.

The Department of Nursing has modeled the admission requirements for the completion of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing on The New Jersey Articulation Model developed by the New Jersey State Nurses Association.

Applications are available online or as a download and are accepted on a rolling admission basis for those already having their RN.

Diploma Graduate RN's
For progression to the baccalaureate degree in nursing, the Registered Nurse Student will:

1.  Meet the admission requirements of the University.

2.  Have graduated from an accredited nursing program.


1. What degree is offered at William Paterson University (WPU)?

A Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Nursing is offered at the undergraduate level.

2. How many credits do I need for graduation?

Students admitted to the University for the Fall 2010 semester and after will need 120 credits for graduation.  Students admitted prior to this date will require 128 credits.

3. Are all 120 credits in Nursing?

No, approximately 44 credits are general education requirements.  The remaining credits are a combination of co-requisite and nursing major courses.

4. Can I take the CLEP EXAMS?

Yes, after you have been accepted to the University and your transcript(s) have been reviewed you will know what courses you need to take.  Based on the open courses you might want to seek consultation with the RN program coordinator to discuss your options.  Most likely you want to take the test for credit and not advanced standing.

5. How long will it take me to get my degree at WPU?

That is a very individualized question.  The response is influenced by the number of credits accepted at time of admission to WPU.  Another factor is the number of credits taken each semester.

6. As an RN student must I be a full time student?

No, full time status requires a minimum of 12 credits per semester.  You will be able to pursue the degree on a part time schedule to meet your needs.

7. How do I get an application for admission?

Applications are available online.  All inquiries regarding the application need to be addressed with the admission office.

8. How many courses are offered in the evening for the RN student?

All general education courses and co-requisite courses are offered in the evening.  Some of the nursing courses are also offered on an evening basis.  Clinical courses are only offered on a day schedule.  Not all courses are offered each semester.

9. Are my science courses taken during my first educational experience transferable?

Yes, provided these courses were taken at a college and you earned a grade of C or better.  You will be asked to have a transcript sent to the Admission Office for evaluation.  Credits more than ten years old and not part of a degree will require special consideration.

10. How does the Admission Officer know I’m a RN student returning to school to get a BS degree?

Your transcript from your previous school will indicate your date of graduation, degree obtained, and courses taken.  DO NOT send a photo copy of your RN license with the application.

11. I will graduate in May and want to start taking courses at WPU in the fall semester.  Must I have my RN licenses before I start?

You apply and seek enrollment to WPU as a graduate nurse with license pending.  You will be able to enroll in general education and co-requisite courses.  You will not be permitted to take any nursing courses without a NJ license.

12. I have graduated from a community college in NJ and want to take a course now at the community college while going through the admission process. Is this allowed?

When a community college is the last school attended a maximum of 60 credits will transfer.  Should this additional course exceed the 60 credit limit it most likely will be rejected for transfer.

13.  As a diploma nurse will I get any credit for my previous course work?

Yes, courses taken at a college with an earned grade of C or better will transfer.  Some nursing credits are transferable. 

14. How will I know what courses to take and when?

All students at WPU are assigned an academic advisor.  The RN students will work with the RN Program Coordinator to identify the proper courses and time sequence prior to registration for the next semester.

15. As an RN student will I need to take courses with the undergraduate generic students?

Yes, to enhance the socialization process, courses at the senior level are integrated.

16. Once I am enrolled at WPU will I be able to take a course at another college?

You need to discuss this with your advisor and seek the necessary permission signatures.  The last thirty credits for the degree must be taken at WPU.

17. As an RN student will I be required to repeat all of the nursing credits?

No, some of the nursing courses will transfer from your previous educational experience.  You will be required to take some nursing courses.   This includes but is not limited to nursing research, leadership, and community.

RN's who may have additional questions please contact our RN to BSN Coordinator at (973) 720-2513 or e-mail.