Accelerated/Fast Track Nursing Program

The William Paterson University Accelerated Nursing program consists of 60 credits over a 15-month period once all prerequisite requirements are met.

The accelerated nursing program has been reinstated!

Application Information

The Spring 2023 Accelerated BSN application will be live on or before September 1, 2022. The deadline to submit an application and all required supporting documents will be October 1, 2022. Applications received or completed after October 1st will not be considered for admission; there are no exceptions. Students who miss that deadline may re-apply for the Second Degree Nursing program for Fall 2022 or re-apply for the Accelerated BSN for Spring 2023. Students must have completed a bachelor's degree by the end of December 2021 to be considered for the program.

Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and demonstrate evidence of completion of a previous baccalaureate degree in order to apply to this second-degree program.  Preference will be given to students with a strong academic record and completion of most of the required prerequisite courses.  Applicants who have been dismissed from another nursing program or have earned a grade below C in any nursing or prerequisite nursing course will not be considered.  The prerequisite courses or their equivalences are as follows:  BIO 1120, BIO 1130, BIO 1700, BIO 3120, CHEM 1330, MATH 1300, PBHL 2240, PSY 1100, PSY 2110 and NUR 3500.

Transfer of Prerequisite Credits

Accepted students will be admitted to the University for the Spring 2022 semester where they will complete any remaining prerequisite nursing courses (no greater than 19 credits).  The  nursing core courses (accelerated program) will begin in May of 2022 with an anticipated graduation date of August 2021.  After all prerequisite requirements are met, the ABSN program will consist of 60 credits over a 15-month period.  Any student who earns a grade below a C in the ABSN program will be dismissed from the ABSN program, but may transition into the generic nursing program and then abide by the Nursing Student Academic Standards Policy as posted in the WPU Undergraduate Nursing Student Handbook.

Nursing Prerequisites or equivalent courses may be transferred in:

  • BIO 1120 - General Anatomy & Physiology I (4 credits w/lab)
  • BIO 1130 - General Anatomy & Physiology II (4 credits w/lab)
  • BIO 1700 - Basic Microbiology (4 credits w/lab)
  • PSY 1100 - General Psychology
  • PSY 2110 - Lifespan Development
  • CHEM 1330 - Chemistry for Health Sciences (4 credits w/lab, an acceptable equivalent would be two sequential chemistry courses i.e. General Chem. I and General Chem. II w/labs)
  • MATH 1300 - Elementary Statistics
  • NUR 3500 - Nursing Research
  • PBHL 2240 - Therapeutic Nutrition
  • BIO 3120 Advanced Anatomy & Physiology (4 credits w/lab, A&P I & II and CHEM 1330 are prerequisites for this course)