Transfer Policy

Transfer Credit Policy

A maximum of 6 credits from other institutions may be credited toward a master's degree program provided that: (1) the student applies for transfer credit at the time of matriculation; (2) the work was taken in graduate courses for graduate credit; (3) the work was taken within the last six years; (4) the grade received was B or better; (5) the work does not duplicate any work, graduate or undergraduate, for which credit was previously given; (6) the work was not applied toward an academic degree at any other institution; (7) the work was taken at an accredited college or university; and, (8) the work is applicable to the student's program.

A current matriculated William Paterson University student may, in some instances, be allowed to take courses off-campus at other institutions as a visiting student and transfer the credit to William Paterson University.  The student must receive permission from the dean of the college and/or the department chairperson of his/her program of study prior to course registration.  These credits are allowed as transfer credit; provisions two through six as stated above remain applicable in such instances.