Masters Thesis

The Master's Thesis is required for all students who matriculated into the MSN program prior to the Fall 2017 semester.

Summary of the Thesis Project Options
The thesis requirement can be satisfied by successfully completing one of three available options: the research project, the clinical project, or a grant proposal. The individual's interest and topic should drive the decision as to which option is the best choice. For each option, a final report written according to the WPU Department of Nursing standards and APA format, is submitted for evaluation and grading. Additional information on each option follows in subsequent sections.

  1. The Research Project allows the student to develop a proposal and in some cases to complete a research project. The proposal fully describes the study to be conducted. The student may carry out the research design including data collection and data analysis.
  2. The Clinical Project provides the opportunity to develop a meaningful clinical project of research-based clinical protocol related to patient care, administration or education. Using consultation to identify a clinical nursing problem, the student designs and in some cases institutes a clinical protocol or care delivery system, etc.
  3. The Grant Proposal allows the student to develop the skill of grant writing. Grants will be written to address a clinical, management, or educational problem. Students will identify the source of the funding and meet the criteria proposed by the funding agency. Additional criteria may be added by the thesis advisor to make this comparable to the above options.

This one-credit, pass/fail course provides the formal process of review and advisement for the Master's Thesis. Each course section will be limited to 3 students. The student will pass this course when the agreed upon objectives and the following criteria are fulfilled. The course may be retaken two times.