Department of Nursing

Brenda Marshall


Office: UH 354
Phone: (973) 720-3491
Office Hours: By Appointment

Department: Nursing
Position: Associate Professor

Area Specialization
Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing and measurement and evaluation


2013  Field Family Foundation 2,500.00 to support fMRI research on Emotional Reappraisal with static faces and changing contexts.

2014 Institute for Nursing (NJSNA) 1,000.00 To support fMRI research on Emotional Reappraisal /static faces + changing contexts. 


Recent Publications or research:

Roberts, K.J. & Marshall, B.L. (April 2014). Depression and alcohol use among adolescents: the mediating effect 

of family attachment. Poster presented at the 35th Annual Meeting of the Society for Behavioral Medicine.

Marshall, B., Roberts, K, Donnelly, J. (2012) “College student perceptions on campus alcohol policies and 

consumption patterns,” Journal of Drug Education. 41:4

Marshall, B., Barginere,C. & Roberts, L., (2013). The DNP:  Breaking the Cinderella/Fella Paradigm

General Session for the Doctor’s of  Nursing Practice National Conference, Phoenix Arizona, September 2013. (invited) 

Marshall, B.  Prado, K. & Napierokowski, D.  (2013). Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Clinical

        Scholarship for DNP faculty.  Podium presentation for the Doctors of Nursing Practice National

        Conference, Phoenix Arizona, September 2013. (peer reviewed)

Marshall, B., Lusk, P., Adams, S. & Farrell, M. (2013). Building Interprofessional Bridges in Graduate

Nursing Education.  Collaborative leadership.  Educational Workshop in Preconference for the American Psychiatric Nurses Association’s National Conference, San Antonio, Texas, October 2013. (invited)

Marshall, B. (2013). Hearing Voices:  Evaluation of a six second simulation . Podium Presentation for the

        American Psychiatric Nurses Association National Conference, Texas. October 2013. (peer reviewed).

Marshall, B. (2012) Evidence Based Practice Innovation using a Social Norms framework. Doctor of Nursing

        Practice Conference, St. Louis MO.  October 2012. (peer reviewed)

Marshall, B. (2012) .Applying deep learning methods to nursing education. Sigma Theta Tau International

         conference. Cardiff, Wales UK. July. (peer reviewed)

Marshall, B. (2012) .Evaluating a social norms approach to increasing engagement in EBP by staff  nurses.

        Sigma Theta Tau International Conference, Cardiff , Wales. UK. July. (Peer reviewed)

Marshall, B. (2012) Effects of Educational Support on Nurse Usage of a Hospital Based Internet Nurse

         Reference Center. Rutgers Annual IT conference, New Brunswick NJ.  March. (peer reviewed)

Marshall, L., Marshall, B., Valadares, G. (2010) Federal and state public health authority and mandatory vaccination: Is Jacobson v. Massachusetts still valid? Journal of Disaster Management.

Marshall, B  (2009) The Role of the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in Disaster Response, Journal of Emergency Management.