Placement Tests

William Paterson University students who major in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Science and Mathematics are required to take Math1600 - Calculus I as part of their general education mathematics requirement. This course has a prerequisite of Math1160 or Math1350. However, students who have taken Algebra and Trigonometry in high school can test out of the prerequisite if they score above 80% on the Pre-calculus/Calculus placement test.

Pre-calculus/Calculus Placement Test is given by appointment only. Please contact Ms. Kathy Garbowski at to schedule a test.

Review materials for the placement test are available at the following links:

College Algebra Review Questions, Solutions

Precalculus Review Questions, Solutions

Students who score below 80% on the placement test will be advised, based on their test score, which course or courses to take to prepare themselves for Math1600.

Below is a flowchart which shows a possible path a student may take to get to Math1600 at William Paterson University.

Placement test