Student Handbook: Student Bill of Rights

Each student has the right to:

(A) receive high quality education, respect punctuality in class, administration of tests and return of test in timely manners;
(B) see your instructor/advisor during their office hours and/or by appointment to seek help or discuss your concerns;
(C) have an academic advisor to receive proper advice in course work;
(D) expect that all topics in the department course syllabus will be covered in a timely manner.
(E) have the date and time of all multi-section exams during the first week of the semester. (This information is in the Class Schedules link.);
(F) have at least one test given, graded and returned before the official WD date in each course.
(G)  complain if you are "shortchanged" in the following order:
Step I: Talk to your instructor. If not resolved,
Step II: Talk to the chairperson. If not resolved,
Step III: Talk to the Dean, College of Science and Health. If not resolved,
Step IV: Talk to Academic Vice President.

For complete details refer to University's Undergraduate Catalog under Policies and Procedures.