Additional Information

Student Work Study Program
            In additional to federal financial aid, the University has a non-federal Work Study Program, which is managed by the Financial Aid Office.  This program is offered to eligible students in financial need.  Work study is offered in various areas for the students.  Students should contact the Financial Aid Office for additional information on Work Study.

Student Scholarship, Award, New York Giants Internship Opportunities
            ATEP students have the opportunity to be nominated by the ATEP faculty, staff, and athletic training students for various scholarships and awards throughout their academic career. These scholarships and awards include, but are not limited to, NATA, EATA, and ATSNJ Scholarships, NATA Membership Drive Complimentary Annual Conference Registration, WPU Alumni Association Outstanding WPU Senior Award, and the ATEP Honor Award.  Also, one junior student will be chosen by the ATEP faculty and staff to participate in the New York Giants Athletic Training Student Internship for their first semester of their senior year. In general, students are nominated for these scholarships, awards, and the New York Giants Athletic Training Student Internship, based on their grade point averages (overall and ATEP), athletic training and health care profession conferences, in particular the past conferences from which the scholarship is offered, participation on an athletic training student advisory board, etc.), service to the community (i.e. athletic training and related volunteer activities), active participation in athletic training and health care related organizations, clubs, activities, etc. (i.e. AT Club executive board, fundraising, etc.), and personal characteristics such as motivation, reliability, organization skills, ability and willingness to learn, communication skills, professionalism, maturity, responsibility, athletic training knowledge and skills, etc.

Student Grievance Procedure
             In regard to student grievances, the ATEP abides by the “Procedures for Investigating Complaints About Grades or Student Academic Performance”, which is located in the WPUNJ Undergraduate Catalog.  Therefore, if a student has a grievance, he/she must abide by these procedures.

Curriculum changes
             Please be advised that changes in the curriculum and/or clinical education experience requirements may be made at any time during the students' course of study. Such changes would be designed to enhance the learning experiences for all students, and students would be required to abide by such changes at the time they are implemented.  The students will be informed of any curriculum changes in a timely manner.