Minor in Communication Disorders

The minor in Communication Disorders consists of 19 credits of coursework. Students from any major may register for these courses as early as their freshman year. A minor in communication disorders and sciences provides students with a broad overview of the basic undergraduate courses that are required prerequisites for admissions to most graduate programs in communication disorders.

Current CODS minor requirements:

  • CODS 2620 Introduction to Communication Disorders Credits: 3.0
  • CODS 2640 Phonetics Credits: 3.0
  • CODS 3210 Speech & Language Development Credits 3.0
  • CODS 3610 Anatomy & Physiology of the Speech and Swallowing Mechanism Credits: 3.0
  • CODS 4010 Introduction to Articulation & Language Disorders Credits: 4.0
  • CODS 4670 Clinical Observation and Methods Credits: 3.0

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