Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate program in Communication Disorders and Sciences provides students with fundamental knowledge related to typical and atypical speech-language-hearing processes. Students have the option of either majoring or minoring in Communication Disorders and Sciences. Both options prepare students for graduate school and on becoming a speech-language pathologist. This area of study may be attractive to the student who has a strong academic background and who is comfortable in learning how to apply information from the biological, physical, and social sciences to the assessment and management of individuals with language, speech and hearing disorders.

The mission of the undergraduate program is to prepare students for graduate study in communication sciences and disorders, instill an understanding of typical and atypical communication processes across the lifespan, and promote problem-solving skills. A broad liberal arts and science background provides the foundation for these objectives.

For undergraduate academic advising, please contact your advisor.

For inquiries please contact:  

Communication Disorders & Sciences Chairperson:  Dr. Kristen Victorino at 973-720-3352 or email: Victorinok@wpunj.edu

For general questions please:

Communication Disorders & Sciences Administrative Assistant: Ms. Madeline Garcia at 973-720-2208 or email: Garciam@wpunj.edu