Welcome Sophomores, Juniors, & Seniors!

Check out our new HSS Degree Planning Tool to explore how courses in your Humanities and Social Sciences major may overlap with our extensive selection of minors!

The Advisement Process, Sophomores and above: If you have been a student at WPU since your freshmen year, you will notice your advisor has changed from your freshmen staff advisor, to a faculty member in your Academic Department.  Your faculty advisor is an expert in your area of study, and will be a highly valuable resource to help you progress through your major, explore minors, discuss research opportunities, study abroad programs, and internships, and begin the career path discussion.  Your faculty advisor looks forward to working with you from now until graduation. 

Please read below to address some of your most common advisement and registration concerns as you continue at WPU:

Who is your faculty advisor? Your Academic Advisor is listed on the top of your degree evaluation found on the WPConnect Students Tab.  If you do not see an advisor listed, please contact your department chairperson. Please visit the Students Tab of WP Connect -> Campus Directories -> College Dean and Department Chairs.

Need guidance on what to ask during your advisement appointments? Please review the Advisement Tool Kit.

Need guidance on how to use your Degree Evaluation on the Degreeworks system?  Watch these videos to get started! 


 Are you bilingual? Have you taken the Language Placement Test and received exemption from the language requirement? Take it one step further by earning credit! Please read here for details on how you might earn credit toward graduation by taking a language Challenge Exam.

Seeking clarity on University Policies and Procedures? Please take a few moments to review the Undergraduate Catalog.

Considering adding a minor or a second major?  By the time you are an upperclassmen, you may have noticed you have very few UCC courses left to complete, and you are well underway with the requirements for your major.  You will likely have 40+ credits left to fulfill to get you to the 120 credit mark.  Minors bear a small credit value (18 credits for most), but their value to your education is much greater.  If you want to take it one step further, and declare a second major in HSS, you can easily do so within 120 credits. Depending on your choice of a minor or a second major, some of your first major courses may double count, thus shortening the length of the second major or minor requirements.  To begin exploring minors or second majors in HSS, please click here,or conduct a “what if” analysis on your Degree Evaluation.  You may declare a minor or second major on the students tab of WPConnect.

If you are planning on adding an Education major, please read through this information before adding the major. 

Are you a new transfer student seeking general assistance?  Welcome to WPU!Our transfer experience office is a good first stop as you adjust to your new environment.

Seeking additional guidance and resources on being a successful sophomore or junior?  Visit the Sophomore and Junior Experience office.

Getting ready to graduate?  Don’t forget to apply for graduation!

Have other general advisement questions?  The Advisement Center website, and your Academic Advisor, likely has the answer!