Alumni Talk About Our M.A. in Applied Sociology

RJ Bell2

“Working as a research partner with some of the world’s top brands and agencies, it is important that I consistently deliver quality data and analysis. For that reason, I regularly depend on the research and cultural knowledge I gained through the Applied Sociology program.”  ~ Robert J. Bell, M.A. ‘16, Research Analyst, Ipsos


”My graduate education provided me with the research skills I needed to start a career in corporate research (methodology, ethics, statistics, analysis, and reporting).  Education on theory and concepts has also helped me to approach business with a broader view of the organization and how it fits into our industry and even more, in society."                                                                                                                        Lesleigh Campbell, M.A. ‘09, Research Manager, IEEE

"My M.A. was incredibly helpful in attaining my current position in Consumer Insights fCottingsor MANE fragrance. The program was interesting and challenging, providing a solid foundation for me to move forward and find my niche. The flexibility of the program was what drew me to it initially, giving me the ability to strengthen my education, while still pursuing my other goals. I genuinely appreciate the privilege of having experienced my time in the Applied Sociology program, I and draw upon my education daily to increase the effectiveness of my career endeavors."                      ~ Lauren Cottings, M.A. '14, Consumer Insights Analyst, MANE  


"My experience in William Paterson University's Applied Sociology graduate program was extremely rewarding and rigorous. I regularly utilize knowledge and skills developed during my tenure there, and find my experience in the program as applicable today as I did upon graduating."                                  
                                                                                                             ~ Will Graulich, M.A. '10, Supervisor of College and Career Readiness, Paterson Public Schools  

Jeff Latawiec2

“Whether it be one’s passion for research or just simply always asking the question “why”, this program is for you. The professional skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience provided in this program has led to the opportunity of conducting market research and analyzing data in my current profession.  Also, the expert and real-world knowledge of the professors sets the foundation for a successful career. If you are interested in collecting and analyzing data, while uncovering critical trends in various research fields, I would recommend this program.”                                     ~Jeff Latawiec, M.A. '16, Market Research Data Analyst, Decision Resources Group 

The MA Applied Sociology program has prepared me for the rigors of a PhD program. In addition to the 21 credits that transferred, the groundwork attained through earning the certificate in Assessment and Evaluation Research Skills has enhanced my use of research methods for coursework and independent study.  My time at WPU was well spent in an environment that facilitates an evolving scholarship that transcends the classroom."  
">                                                                                                            ~ Robin Renee Robinson, M.A. ‘14, Ph.D. anticipated in 2020, CUNY Graduate Center