Colleen Eren

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Office: Raubinger 417
Phone: 973-720-3434
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Department: Sociology
Position: Associate Professor

Area Specialization
White-collar crime, crime and media, critical criminology, qualitative methods, edgework, elite studies

Colleen Eren received her PhD in Sociology from the City University of New York's Graduate Center. In the Fall 2020 semester she is teaching the Senior Seminar in Criminal Justice and Criminology. 

Dr. Eren's primary areas of research interest are white collar crime, crime and media, and social movements around criminal justice issues. Her book, Bernie Madoff and the Crisis: The Public Trial of Capitalism, examined the way in which the high-profile Ponzi scheme became a vehicle through which the public could discuss the broader economic problems which led to the Financial Crisis of 2008. She has been featured in several documentaries about the Madoff case.

She is currently working on a few different projects, including an article looking at the intersection of law enforcement, regulation, and private banks in preventing money laundering, and a textbook proposal for an undergraduate text presenting sociological topics through Supreme Court cases. 


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Book Chapters

Colleen Eren. (2019). “The Final Fiction: Madoff Clawbacks Suits and their Implications for Capitalism in the 21st century,” in Silverman, ed. Confronting Capital in the 21stCentury: Lessons from Marx’s Capital . Palgrave McMillan. 

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Other publications:

Colleen Eren, January 2019. Review of Corruption in Commercial Enterprise: Law, Theory, and Practice. In Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Books, Rutgers University.

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