Scrambled Muck-A-Mucks

Presidential Anagrams

by Stephen R. Shalom

Each one of the following 42 sentences has the last name of a president hidden within it. The number of letters in the answer is indicated in parentheses after the sentence. The name can be found by rearranging the letters of adjacent words. Some words are tricky: numbers that may be represented by Roman numerals or words that may sound like letters (for example, "envy" or "bees"). Negative words may subtract a word or words from other words. The meaning of the sentence is a clue -- sometimes rather obscure -- to the name.

Here are a few examples (not about presidents):

  • Voices rant on. (12)

    Ans.: Conversation.
    Explanation: Just rearrange the 12 letters of the sentence.

  • My aim: from 2 class to classless society. (9)

    Ans.: Socialist.
    Explanation: The number 2 can be changed to Roman numerals, and then "ii class to" contains nine consecutive letters that rearrange into "socialist."

  • Americans without names are they. (3)

    Ans.: CIA.
    Explanation: Take the letters in the word "Americans" and subtract (since the word "without" indicates that letters should be removed) "names r" ("names are") which leaves "ica," which rearranges into the organization of U.S. secret agents, "CIA."

And, so, without further ado, here are the anagrams:




  1. Why not a fatty for president? (4)



  2. Bullshit may end, but not till he's out of office. (4)



  3. OK, plot Mexican War. Not to worry. (4)



  4. Will you bash Noriega? Without a doubt. (4)



  5. Is he Dr. of chicle mastication and perambulation? (4)



  6. His first name's stranger than fiction, without any trash. (5)



  7. He said "To me, Dad's an example without end." (5)



  8. He was in on ten scandals at least. (5)



  9. Seditious aliens made him mad as hell. (5)



  10. A mob, a tea-party, is out to get him. (5)



  11. Ah yes, he "edged out" Tilden. (5)



  12. It's not in bad taste to note he became president inertly. (5)



  13. He said "No more Europeans here!" (6)



  14. Not slow in getting into WWI. (6)



  15. Did a tantrum follow his victory over Dewey? Not at all. (6)



  16. He gained Gadsden precisely, without sly moves. (6)



  17. Some hero! Five o' him couldn't stop depression. (6)



  18. No need for tracer to find his smile. (6)



  19. We are hurt a lot by his succession to the presidency. (6)



  20. His troops are to lay claim to Mexico. (6)



  21. To anger a liberal delighted him. (6)



  22. He tried to add Canada to U.S. domains. (7)



  23. Did he rig hand at Teapot Dome? (7)



  24. No way ya can deny ya knew Judith Exner. (7)



  25. None josh about his impeachment without ease. (7)



  26. He's very conditional, changing his mind without ado, I am told. (7)



  27. Buried in Ill., no N.C. fan he.



  28. See no Jas. K. Polk in White House 'til 15 years later. (7)



  29. Oh, no! N.J.'s not site of his ranch. (7)



  30. He could play film-role of Know-Nothing. (8)



  31. Why men lick Philippine wounds. (8)



  32. No, sir! Rah rah inaugural did him in. (8)



  33. Greed and envy are nub of Marty's problems? (8)



  34. "You'll come to grief, lad," his father might have said. (8)



  35. "Is it true you do ogle?" "I see," was his pithy reply. (8)



  36. No ads for him said "A husband can do it." (8)



  37. Neither his grandfather's record nor his are a credit. (8)



  38. To serve ol' Rough Riders was his urge. (9)



  39. You need call five guests to his White House wedding. (9)



  40. Jr. seen off in his La. territory? (9)



  41. Sole overt founder of New Deal. (9)



  42. He saw night on the Delaware. (10)



  43. Hole one is where you'll find him. (10)