General Links

These "General Links" are good starting points for doing philosophical research on the Web. Also check out the "Encyclopedias and Reference Sites" below.

Episteme Links
Hippias:Search Philosophy on the Internet
Sean's One-Stop Philosophy Shop
Philosophy in Cyberspace
Internet Resources for Philosophers
Guide to Philosophy on the Internet

Search the Web

Use the HIPPIAS search engine to find Web Sites dealing with philosophical issues. Type some keywords into the box and click the "Search" button.

HIPPIAS Limited Area Search of Philosophy on the Internet

Institutions & Societies

American Philosophical Association
Philosophy Documentation Center
New Jersey Regional Philosophy Association
Society for Women in Philosophy
Computers and Philosophy

Encyclopedias and Reference Sites

Stanford University Encyclopedia of Philosophy
The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names
Philosophy of Mind Bibliography
Glossary of Ethics and Philosophy
The Perseus Project: A Digital Library on Ancient Greece
Pictures of Philosophers

Special Topics

PHICYBER: The Electronic Agora
Zeno's Coffeehouse
One-Stop Philosophy Research Departments and Projects
IQ Introducing Philosophy
The Metaphysics Research Lab Home Page
Metaphysical Review: Essays on the Foundations of Physics