Many William Paterson Philosophy Department graduates are working on advanced degrees or are very successfully employed in a variety of careers. Some of our graduates are listed below.

George Beers (Class of 2005) George is currently working on the IT staff of Veritext, in Florham NJ. He does everything from basic how-tos to server maintenance. He's busy! (as of Spr 08).

David Bove (Class of 2004) David is currently employed by Berger Financial Group as an IT Technician. I am responsible for the maintainence of the 50+ workstations at Berger. David writes that "My coworkers are always surprised when they hear that I majored in philosophy. Though I have an Associates degree in Computer Science, the analytical mindset that the Philosophy Department of WPUNJ helped me develop is a major help when attempting to come up with solutions for the problems that crop up around the office." (as of Spr 04)

Brandon Broderick (Class of 2002) After graduating from Widener Law in Delaware, Brandon clerked for a Superior Court Judge in Bergen County. In 2006, he began working at Fusco & Macaluso doing primarily personal injury. Brandon has done several jury trials, and he intends on becoming certified as civil trial attorney. Brandon and his wife have a young son. (as of Spr 08)

Gregg Caruso (Class of 1996). After graduating Magna cum Laude from WPU, Gregg has gone on to pursue his Ph.D. in Philosophy at the CUNY Graduate Center. He has published several philosophical papers. He has been teaching part-time at Brooklyn College for several years. (as of Spr 03)

Nathan Carroll (Class of 2006). Nathan is working for Catholic Charities. He works with children who've been physically or mentally abused, or who have been identified as being at risk. He's also working on a philosophy book, running a small non-profit, and selling glass-etched bottles through a business he's setup.

Helene Cierzo (Class of 2003) Helene graduated and received her MA in Applied Behavior Analysis from Caldwell College. As of september she will be the district behavior analyst for the West Paterson School District. She is also working on publishing her research on comparing live models and video models for teaching yoga to children with autism using behavior analytic principles. (as of Fall 08)

Cristina Cirrito (Class of 1999). Christina is happily employed as a fourth grade teacher at Memorial School in North Haledon. She is also pursuing a Masters Degree in English Literature at WPU. And she's the proud mother of a great new baby boy! (as of Spr 08)

Michael Collins (Class of 2004) Mike is enrolled in the Ph.D. program in Philosophy at the Graduate Center of CUNY. He has received the prestigious Gileece Fellowship (a fellowship won in university-wide competition; it gives him five years full tuition plus a generous stipend for those five years). Mike has finished his M.A and M.Phil. at CUNY and is hard at work on his dissertation.  He is also an Ethics Fellow at Mt. Sinai medical school, where he is involved in teaching and evaluating clinical moral reasoning for medical students. (as of Spr 08)

Matthew Cotter (Class of 1997) Matthew is presently working on a Ph.D. in History at the Graduate Center of CUNY. He is especially interested in American intellectual history. He is also teaching at several New York City colleges. He was one of the organizers (with WPU Philosophy alums Rob Talisse and Rob Tempio) of a large conference in 2002 on the philosopher Sidney Hook. (as of Spr 03)

Kevin D'Amato (Class of 2000). Kevin is involved in grassroots political activism. He is working with various organizations for the support of peace throughout the world. He does most of his political organizing in support and solidarity with Palestinian issues. He spent a few weeks recently in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. He is looking to go back to school to study international politics. (as of Spr 03)

Frank Ducoat (Class of 2003) Frank received his J.D. from Rutgers-Camden in 2006.  After graduation he clerked for a judge of the New Jersey Appellate Division and is currently a Deputy Attorney General working in the Appeals Bureau. (as of Fall 08)

Alex Duensing (Class of 2000) Alex got his MFA in Poetry at Columbia University and is now a Professor of English at the University of South Florida. (as of Fall 05)

J.T. Ghim (Class of 2004) J.T. is pursuing a Ph.D. in political theory at University of Massachusetts-Amherst. He has recently been accepted to present a paper at the Harvard East Asia Society. (as of Spr 05)

Dwight Goodyear (Class of 1994). Dwight received an MA in Philosophy from the New School for Social Research in 1997. He will get his Ph.D. in Philosophy (specializing in American pragmatism) from the New School in Fall 2003. He has been teaching for several years at a variety of colleges and universities in NJ. Dwight also composes, performs, and records solo works for the guitar and piano. He is preparing a series of CDs of his music. (as of Spr 03)

Tiffany Groglio (Class of 2006) – Tiffany is on her way to law school at Quinnipiac University. She was given a significant scholarship! (as of Spr 08)

Robert Ingenito (Class of 2003) – Robert is teaching English literature at Cliffside Park High School and runs the school's philosophy club. He's been very successful at getting his students active in philosophy! A sound mind and a sound body, Robert enjoys doing triathalons. Robert is presently planning to get an MA in clinical psychology and to become a psychologist. (as of Spr 07)

Jason Jaksetic (Class of 2005) Jason works as the Marketing Director for Spartan Racing, a company that produces extreme atheletic events. Jason is also a highly competitive professional endurance athelete. (as of Fall 12)

Balaji Kalimireddi (Class of 2004) Balaji is currently a part-time paralegal and is applying for the Peace Corps. He plans to go either to grad school or law school after the Peace Corps. (as of Spr 05)

David Kaspar (Class of 1993) David got a Ph.D. from SUNY Buffalo in 2003 and is currently teaching philosophy at the Univesity of Nevada at Reno. (as of Fall 05)

Jeffrey Krachun (Class of 2006) Jeffrey will be attending Washington and Lee Law School in Lexington VA. He has an Honors Scholarship. (as of Spr 06).

Kevin Levin (Class of 1992) Kevin got an MA from the University of Maryland. He's a high school history teacher at St. Anne's Belfield School in Virginia. (as of Fall 05)

Robert Little (Class of 1997). Since graduating from WPU with his philosophy degree, Robert has been pursuing a very successful career in business. He received an MBA in Marketing and Management from Pace University in 2002. He was promoted several times during his work with Acnielsen Marketing Research and is presently a high-level marketing executive at Playtex Products Inc. (as of Spr 03)

Stephanie Long (Class of 2012) Stephanie is working on her MA in Teaching, for English, at Drew University. (as of Fall 12)

Dennis Maciupa (Class of 2003) Dennis works as an inside sales consultant at the Weichert Realtors company headquarters. After leaving WPU, he attended realtors school and earned his realtor's license. Dennis reports that the job pays well and he's developing new skills. He is thinking of returning to school someday for either a philosophy Ph.D. or an MBA. (as of Spr 04).

Mark Mahan (Class of 2008) Mark has a great scholarship to go to law school at Rutgers. (as of Spr 08).

Hope May (Class of 1992) Hope got her Ph.D. in Philosophy from Michigan State in 2000. She is currently teaching Philosophy at Central Michigan University. (as of Fall 05)

Dan Miller (Class of 2008) Dan is currently in the philosophy Ph.D. program at the Florida State University. (as of Fall 2009)

Celia Milton (Class of 2000). Celia is currently in her last semester at Union Theological Seminary in NYC. She will graduate in May of 2003 with a Masters of Divinity. She is a chef who owns her own company. She is also finishing a ministry internship at a UCC church in NY, where she leads study groups and delivers sermons. She is looking forward to being ordained and going into either parish ministry or chaplaincy work. She plans to continue her studies in a PhD program. (as of Spr 03)

Anatoly Nichvoloda (Class of 2006) Anatoly is working on a Ph.D. in Philosophy at the CUNY Graduate Center. (as of Spr 08).

Eddie Pagan (Class of 2001) Eddie is employed at Staples Inc. He has been promoted several times since graduating and is now an Account Manager. He continues to study martial arts. He practices Aikido about three or four times a week. (as of Spr 03)

Matthew Paparazzo (Class of 2007) Matt works as a financial advisor at Bank of America. (as of Spr 08)

Jack Patterson (Class of 1997) Jack earned a masters degree in Great Books at St John's College and taught for a few years. After 9/11, he decided to join the NYPD and is now patroling New York City as a police officer. His interest in political philosophy always yearned for practical application and adventure. We're pleased to see philosophical policemen! (as of Spr 04)

Tyler Peckio (Class of 2008) Tyler is in the Liberal Studies graduate program at City University of New York. (as of Fall 12)

Alexandra Perry (Class of 2006) – Alexandra got her Ph.D. in Philosophy from Montclair State University. She's currently teaching Philosophy at Bergen Community College. (as of Spr 07)

Ramiro Perez (Class of 2003) Ramiro is entering Law School at Rutgers University. He is currently employed by New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT). NJDOT will be paying 100 percent of Ramiro's tuition while he attends Law School. He reports that "My education in philosophy has been a real asset in my work because the job entails a great deal of legal reasoning, presenting of arguments, and negotiating."  Ramiro also enjoys "spreading existential dread through heavily distorted electronic pop music." (as of Spr 06)

Yvonne Raley (Class of 1993). Yvonne received her MA in Philosophy from NYU in 1995. She went on to work on her PhD in Philosophy at CUNY and plans to graduate in 2003. She is currently employed full time as a Philosophy instructor at Felician College in NJ. (as of Spr 03)

Jasmina Risteska (Class of 2003) Jasmina works in sales for Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals in Miami Beach, FL. She's got an excellent salara with lots of benefits, and challenging work with physicians. She writes "My philosophy education and exposure has really assisted me in landing these great interviews and nailing these jobs that I want." (as of Fall 07)

Joe Salerno (Class of 1991). Joe received his PhD in Philosophy from Ohio State University in 1999. He is currently a tenure-track philosophy professor at Saint Louis University. (as of Spr 03)

Ann-Marie Scuderi (Class of 2008) Ann-Marie is the Research Director for Park Place Group, a renewable energy consortium. She writes that "During my hiring process I brought in my philosophy papers with my resume and my boss actually read one of my ethics papers! The job was for someone to do research, so I thought why not bring in some examples. It worked."

Jennifer Sinclair (Class of 2005) Jennifer is an Instructional Aide at Bright Beginnings Learning Center in Piscataway. She is working in an autistic preschool room.  Eventually she plans to go back to school for her Special Education certification and to become a Teacher for the Blind. Jennifer notes that her studies in philosophy of mind help her in her current work -- they help her to appreciate and teach to the different cognitive styles of her students. (as of Spr 06)

Mike Starrett (Class of 2012) Mike is studying law at Rutgers Law School. (as of Fall 12)

Alan Stowers (Class of 2012) Alan is working on a Masters in Social Work at Rutgers University. (as of Fall 12)

Robert Tempio (Class of 1998). Rob is currently employed as an Assistant Editor at Oxford University Press. He works on the process of acquiring manuscripts in the areas of politics, sociology, foreign policy, and current events. Rob remains active academically. He was one of the organizers (with WPU Philosophy alums Matthew Cotter and Rob Talisse) of a large conference in 2002 on the philosopher Sidney Hook. (as of Spr 03)

Robert Talisse (Class of 1993). Robert received his MA in Philosophy from NYU in 1995 and went on to obtain a PhD in Philosophy from CUNY in 2001. He is now a tenure-track professor at Vanderbilt University. He was one of the organizers (with WPU Philosophy alums Matthew Cotter and Rob Tempio) of a large conference in 2002 on the philosopher Sidney Hook. Talisse has published extensively in philosophy. He is already establishing a national reputation for his various philosophical books, articles, and presentations. (as of Spr 03)

Jelena Tesic (Class of 2002) -- Jelena is currently working as the Haledon Water Clerk while finishing her MBA in January. She plans to take over the Tax Collector's position starting in January but plans to use her degree and experience with the municipality to become a municipal Business Administrator in a near future. She enjoys the politics as well as business. (as of Spr 07)

Michael van Gaalen (Class of 2001). Michael is currently employed as a an I.T. (Information Technology) Specialist for the US Department of Veterans Affairs. (as of Spr 04)

Alex Vereschagin (Class of 2005). Alex is living in Florida and working as a teacher in the Villages Charter School system, one of the best public schools in Florida. He's teaching classes and also running an after school program called Philosophy For Kids. He'll be heading the "Kids Philosophy Slam" for his school system. He's working on applying to graduate programs in philosophy. (as of Spr 06)

Keith Vesley (Class of 2008). Keith is working at AT&T Mobility as a field engineer. (as of Spr 08)

Frederick Z. (Class of 1993) Frederick is currently working on Capitol Hill as a Senior Information Systems Security Architect.  He founded the DC Continental Philosophy Group and since graduation has continued to study Buddhism, Psychology, and Continental Philosophy. (as of Spr 12).