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Dr. Stephanie Rivera Berruz


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Prof. Stephanie Rivera Berruz received her Ph.D. in Philosophy at SUNY Buffalo in 2014. Her main interests lie in social and political philosophy with an emphasis on philosophy of race and feminist philosophy, as well as, Latin American philosophy.

Prof. Rivera Berruz approaches these topics at their intersections as she is committed to the importance of diverse approaches to philosophical praxis. Her dedication to these topics stem from an investment in exploring her own identity as a Latina in philosophy. Her research has explored racial and gendered embodiment, the relationship between language and identity, the concept of boomerang perception in Latina feminist scholarship, and the metaphilosophical question of Latin American philosophy.


“Extending into Space: The Materiality of Language and the Arrival of the Latina/o Body.” Inter-American Journal of Philosophy. Vol. 5 (1): 2014.

“Inhabiting Philosophical Space: Reflections from the Reasonably Suspicious.” Hypatia. Vol. 29 (1): 2014, 182-188.

“Essay Review: Sartre, Beauvoir, and the Race/Gender Analogy, by Kathryn T. Gines”. Sapere Aude 3.6 (2012): 132-134.

“Constructing Philosophical Worlds: Theorizing Through A Latin American Lens”. APA Newsletter on Feminism. Fall 2012.

Professional Service
President of MidWest Society for Women in Philosophy (2014-Present)

Reviewer for Radical Philosophy Review (2014)

Teaching Interests
Social and Political Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy, Latin American Philosophy, Caribbean Philosophy, Philosophy of Justice, Philosophy of Human Rights, Philosophy of Race

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