NYU Challenge Exam

For those languages we don't offer here at the university, (such as Polish or Serbian) students may pay to take the NYU Language Proficiency Exam.

Students who pass the NYU exam may purchase credits if they have earned less than 90 credits, or will have earned less than 90 credits by the end of the current semester.  Under some circumstances, and at the discretion of the Department of Languages and Cultures, a waiver may be given a student who has exceeded, or will exceed in the current semester, the limit of 90 credits earned at WPU.

If passed the student may purchase credits if they are under 90 credits, or waver if over 90 credits.

There are two ways to take the NYU Language Proficiency Exam:

  • You can take the test at NYU's School of Continuing and Professional Studies.
  • You can also make arrangement with William Paterson University's Language Lab Director James Miles.

Under the second option NYU will mail the test to Mr. Miles. The test can then be administered here at William Paterson at your onvenience, with Mr. Miles serving as your proctor. If you wish to take this option please contact Mr. Miles.

More information on the NYU test as well as a list of language exams that NYU offers, can be found here.

For any other question on the language requirement, please contact the department at (973)720-2330.