Geography and Urban Science majors are encouraged to complete professional internships prior to graduation. Internships cover co-ops, temporary projects, and some full or part-time jobs. In all of these cases, the student receives academic credit for job-related research. For Geography and Urban Studies majors, the job must be related in some way to geography and/or urban studies.

The basic premise of an internship is that a junior or senior student works outside the traditional academic environment to gain practical job experience and extend his/her learning to a new setting. Internships provide students not only with valuable work experience, but also help them to build professional networks, and give them a tremendous advantage in landing a good job upon graduation. Internships also give students the chance to get to know themselves better and to explore potential careers: What kinds of work do you enjoy the most? How do you react in particular work environments? What kinds of people do you like to work with? What things can you do particularly well? What area of geography and urban studies would you like or need to know more about?

The Department of Geography and Urban Science assists our majors in their search for internship opportunities by providing them with information, and possibly even contacts, but students are also encouraged to look for possible sponsors.