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Is High School Preparing Students for College Writing?
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Welcome to the Program in Writing and Rhetoric’s webpage for faculty.

On this page, you can find information about our writing program philosophy—what we expect out of all out of all of our writing courses and how they may be different from what students and teachers have experienced in high school courses. 

Scroll further down, and you'll find an overview of the resources we've created for our writing program as well as links to other parts of our website. 

Program in Writing and Rhetoric Core Principles

  • Students will understand the recursive and frequently collaborative processes of invention, drafting, and revising by working with peers and instructor on multiple drafts to develop their own writing process. 
  • Students will understand that writing is not only an activity but also a subject of study, through the development of knowledge of rhetorical concepts and practices that make writing effective. 
  • Students will understand that all writing is situated/contextual as they write for a variety of purposes and audiences in multiple genres, using both print and digital means. 
  • Students will engage in writing as a way of synthesizing knowledge as well as communicating knowledge. 
  • Students will engage in frequent writing-to-learn efforts (brainstorming, free writing, reading responses, reflection, etc.) to understand the connection between reading, writing, and critical thinking. 

Upcoming Teaching Circles and Workshops: 

Friday, 3/3, 3:30-4:45 (teaching circle)
Thursday, 4/27, 12:30-1:45 (contract grading workshop)
Friday, 4/28, 3:30-4:45 (teaching circle) 

Spring 2023 teaching circles and workshops will be held virtually. Please check your email for a link to each meeting approximately one week before the meeting date.

Overview of the WPU Writing Program

Is High School Preparing Students for College Writing?
Carly Perrotta graduated WPU cum laude in May 2020. Her major was biology/pre med and she plans to apply to medical school next summer. As a first year student in ENG1100, Carly designed and ran an independent research study which examined the ways in which 11 of her New Jersey "Bulldog High School" classmates felt their high school writing instruction focused on grammar, five-paragraph essays, and preparing for writing tests-- all of failed to prepare them for the deeper and more complex writing expectations at six different colleges. Since 2016, professors have assigned Carly's YouTube report of her study in ENG1100, 1500, 2070, 3000 and 5990. 

General Resources and Policies
Click the link above for information about the Writing Center and other support services, as well as the PWR plagiarism and attendance policies.

Strategies for Student Success
Click the link above for a document outlining some PWR recommended best practices for ENG 1100 and ENG 1500.

Teaching Resources
Click the link above for pedagogical support for ENG 1100 and ENG 1500 classes.

ENG 1100-College Writing
Click the link above for information on ENG 1100 policies, syllabi, suggested readings and assignments, and more.

ENG 1500-Experiences in Literature 
Click the link above for information on ENG 1500 policies, syllabi, suggested readings and assignments, and more.