Program in Writing and Rhetoric

Welcome to the Home Page of the Program in Writing and Rhetoric at William Paterson University. The rigorous University Core Curriculum (UCC), which integrates writing intensive courses at all levels of the undergraduate experience, means that our program can offer a variety of courses in writing and rhetoric that complement and contribute to the Core’s objectives of having students experience writing in a variety of contexts and disciplines.  In addition, we are committed to developing courses in rhetoric, composition, and technical writing for graduate and undergraduate students in the English major.  This site provides resources and answers to frequently asked questions for students, faculty, and others interested in our program. 

Mission Statement

The mission of The Program in Writing and Rhetoric is to facilitate writing as a mode of communication and critical thinking across the William Paterson University community, and to provide rigorous and engaging writing instruction for students at all levels of the undergraduate and graduate experience by educating them in the fundamental concepts of rhetoric, composition, and/or technical writing, thereby laying the foundations necessary for lifelong learning. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, concerns or comments. 

Dr. Chris Weaver, Director, Program in Writing and Rhetoric, Preakness Hall 345, (973) 720-2913

Amanda O'Donnell, Writing Program Coordinator, Preakness Hall 321, (973) 720-3066.

Sandy De Jesus, Secretary, English Department, Preakness Hall 321, (973) 720-2254