The Living Writers Series strives to identify and to invite writers working in the arts, in academia, in business, in advertising, as well as in other disciplines and professions to share their writing processes and experiences with our student body and local community. Writers may discuss their current projects, read from their work, and illuminate the steps or stages they move through to go from idea to final product.  It is our hope that exposing students to a number of professional writers working in a wide variety of professions and disciplines will help to introduce and to reinforce the importance of writing both during and after their academic careers. Our goal is to elucidate how much writing happens in places people might not immediately expect, as well as how vital developing this skill is to one’s success in multiple fields.  Writing is not a practice that only takes place in the College Writing classroom or that is performed for writing intensive courses. Writing has been and will continue to be a dominant medium for self-expression, communication, and collaboration.  The Living Writers Series wishes to celebrate this reality.