Internships in English are available for qualified graduate and undergraduate English majors. Internships—which offer on-the-job training for students as interns for regional or online employers—are designed to give students practical experience applying the writing, research and editorial skills learned in the classroom. Internship students will gain a solid understanding of employers’ requirements; employers, in turn, will become acquainted with the intelligence, versatility, and skill of WPU's best students. Internships will thereby serve to suggest and develop realistic career choices for students after graduation. For a full list of paid and unpaid internships as well as employment opportunities, please use the Career Center's online computerized job matching service at WPUJobConnect.

Information on Applying to Internships and Enrolling in the Internship Course
Sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students in good standing should consider enrolling in the Internship Course (490 or 590) for the fall, spring, or summer semester. If you are interested in pursuing an internship, you should begin your research immediately. Please note that, during the academic year, the course meets once a month face-to-face. All other meetings are online. During the summer, our course meets strictly online. If you have any questions after having carefully reviewed the following steps for enrolling in the Internship Course, please contact Professor Martha Witt.

1. Review the course requirements: ENG 4900 for undergraduates, ENG 5900 for graduates.

2. If you are eligible and interested, please visit the following two links:

3. Prepare an appropriate cover letter and resume for each individual internship to which you are applying. Be sure to address your letter to the correct person, and be sure to tailor your letter to the internship advertised. DO NOT send a letter or resume until you have had an appointment at the Career Development Center for editorial feedback.  The phone number is 973.720.2281. Their website is

4. When your cover letter and resume are error-free, please follow instructions for applying to the internship.

5. Once you have been accepted to an internship, ask the employer to send an e-mail to Professor Martha Witt at verifying the type of work and number of hours you are expected to work. Please remember that this is an English Department Internship, which means that your work must entail primarily writing, reading, and research.

6. Once I have received a letter from your employer, I will give you permission to enroll in the Internship Course. Please note: Most programs require that interns receive university credit for internships; however, we do offer a few non-credit-bearing internships. Please contact Martha Witt if you are interested in a non-credit-bearing internship.