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The Department of Professional Counseling offers opportunities for a degree at the MEd level. Within the department, the CACREP-accredited professional counseling program seeks to prepare, educate, and mentor ethical and competent professional counselors who are knowledgeable in issues of diversity and life span development. The program further seeks to enhance development of self-awareness, skills in advocating for clients/students and the profession, consultation and collaboration skills, and clinical practice in a diverse and technological society. 

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  • MEd in Professional Counseling
    With the CACREP-accredited program in professional counseling, students are prepared to be counselors, regardless of their future work site. With this is mind, all students take a common core of 42 credits. The school counseling and clinical mental health concentrations are both 60 credit hours and prepare students to be licensed and/or certified in the state. Post-master's courses leading to certification as a school counselor or licensure as a Licenssed Professional Counselor are also available. In this program, students will gain an understanding of the eight core curriculum areas as delineated by CACREP and the State of New Jersey. They will also be educated on how to provide competent and effective direct services to clients/students across the life span in clinical mental health and school settings, as well as how to develop a broad understanding of multicultural issues and to advocate for and meet the needs of clients/students from diverse backgrounds.
Professional Counseling
A William Paterson University degree in professional counseling with school counseling concentration can prepare you for a career as a school counselor in the state of New Jersey. The clinical mental health counseling concentration directly leads to eligibility as a Licensed Associate Counselor (LAC), the first step towards obtaining the Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) credential in the state of New Jersey. (NOTE: A passing score on the National Certification Exam is required in order to apply for the LAC and/or LPC.)
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MEd in Professional Counseling with concentrations in:
Clinical Mental Health
School Counseling