Department of Secondary and Middle School Education

Djanna Hill, Ed.D.


Office: V4009
Phone: 973-720-2260
Office Hours: Fall 2019 - Tuesday, Thursday 11am-12pm and by appointment, in Atrium 108

Department: Secondary and Middle School Education
Position: Full Professor, Tenured., Chair – Africana-World Studies Department

Area Specialization
Teacher Preparation for Urban Contexts (Community Teachers, Grow Your Own Programs), Womanist and Black Feminist Theoretical Frameworks, Multicultural Science Education (Science Teacher Education, STEM)


  • Doctor of Education, Urban and Multicultural Education
    Department of Curriculum and Teaching, Teachers College, Columbia University NY,NY
  • Master of Education, Curriculum and Teaching
    Teachers College, Columbia University, NY, NY
  • Master of Arts in Teaching, Secondary Biology
    College of Our Lady of the Elms, Chicopee, MA
  • Bachelor of Science, Microbiology
    Howard University, Washington, DC


AWS 2550 - The Black Woman Experience
CIEE 3260 – Science Methods and Assessment for Teaching K-6
CISE 3350 – Working Within Schools:  Schools as Institutions and Communities
CISE 3250 – Teaching as Learning
WPU 1010 – The First Year Experience                             


Co-Principal Investigator. Fulbright-Hays Group Study Abroad Program, US Department of Education. Awarded $80,075.00. 

Principal Investigator. Paterson Teachers for Tomorrow, The Taub Foundation. Awarded $417,000. 

Co-Principal Investigator. Improving Teacher Quality Partnership Grants – Technology in Math and English/Language Arts – On TIME. Funded by the New Jersey Department of Education. Awarded $900,000. 

Co-Principal Investigator. Paterson Teachers for Tomorrow, The Taub Foundation.  Awarded $150,000. 

 Co-Principal Investigator. Improving Teacher Quality Partnership Grants – Inquiry in Math and Science - IMS. Funded by the New Jersey Department of Education. Awarded $820,365.


Editorships - Peer-Reviewed Journals

Hill, D. (2011 – 2013). Co-Editor.  Advancing Women in Leadership Journal.

Agard-Jones, L. & Hill, D. (2009). Guest editors: Advancing the conversation.  Multicultural   Perspectives, 11 (4).

Hill, D.(2007). Guest editor. Special issue on black women educators. Advancing Women in Leadership, Volume 23, Winter 2007.

Chapman, T., Dixon, A, & Hill, D.  (2005). Special issue editors: The portraiture methodology.  Qualitative Inquiry, 11(1).

Books and Book Chapters

Hill, D.  (2013). Constructivist and multicultural science:  Methods, labs, and teaching tools
for K-8 Classrooms, 2nd Edition. Custom Edition. Boston, MA: Pearson.

Schultz, B., Gillette, M., & Hill, D.  (2011). Teaching as political:  Theoretical perspectives for
understanding the grow your own movement. In Skinner, E., Garreton, M., and Schultz,B.
Grow your own teachers: Grassroots change for teacher education. (pp. 5-21). New York:  TC Press.

Hill, D. and Newton, R.  (2010). A pipeline program for urban community teachers:  Standing in the gap of achievement and possibility.  In B. Allison & B. Berghoff (Eds.) The 2010 E-Yearbook of Urban Learning, Teaching, and Research SIG of the American Educational Research Association (AERA).(pp. 17-25). Los Angeles, CA:  CalState.

 Hill, D.  (2010). Dismantling the master’s house:  A call for womanism, herstory and the power of black women teacher educators.   In T. Huber-Warring (Ed.), Storied inquires in international landscapes:  An anthology of educational research.  (pp. 71-80). Charlotte, NC:  IAP.(A reprint from a 2002 journal article).

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Hill, D.  (2005). A charge to keep: Answering a call for transformative education in the
new millennium - The CORIBE documentary video.  In J. King's Black education –civilization or barbarism:  A transformative research and action agenda for human freedom in the new century (pp. 341-345).  Mahwah, NJ:  Erlbaum.

Hill, D.  (2003). Womanist traditions:  Black women scholar-workers in teacher education.  In,Duhon-Sells, R. & Agard-Jones, L.  (Eds.), International perspectives on methods of improving education: Focusing on the quality of diversity (Mellon Studies in Education, volume 82) (pp. 15-35).Lewiston, NY:  Edwin Mellon Press. 

 Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Agard-Jones, L. & Hill, D.  (2009). Special topics focus:  Exploring current notions of education that is multicultural.  Multicultural Perspectives, 11 (4) 185 – 186.

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