Sound Engineering Arts :: Coordinator

David Kerzner's Resume

Recent, On-going, and Near Future Activities

Alumni Grant Award

A grant was awarded from the William Paterson University Alumni Association for the purchasing and implementation of a surround sound monitoring system within the new Sound Engineering Arts facilities. The grant also provides for an outside expert to train our students and staff. Additionally, a new SEA elective course concerned with this area of study.

Professional Development (recent projects)

Payton MacDonald: CD release for Atma Records: Engineer

Alarm Will Sound: CD release for Nonesuch Records: Engineer

Halcyon Trio: Live Recording: Engineer Editor

Brett Deubner/Gary Kirkpatrick: "Viola Dreams" CD Release: Engineer/Editor

The Uptown Flutes: "An Uptown Christmas" CD Release: Engineer/Editor

The Shiller Quartet: CD Release: Engineer/Editor

DVD Project for Ron Mazurek: Engineer/Editor

Steven Snow/Rosetta Bacon: "Do You Hear What I Hear", CD Release, Engineer/Editor

Mid-Hudson Saxophone Quartet; CD Release, Engineer/Editor

Peter Jarvis: Recording of Commissioned Marimba Works: Engineer/ Editor

Manhattan Bones "Tribute": CD Release: Engineer/Editor

Jazz Week at WPU: Live Recording: Engineer/Editor

Steve Bryant/James Williams: Live Recording: Engineer/Editor

Tony Kasner: Promotional CD: Engineer/Editor

Nazarene Sect: CD Release: Mix Engineer

Sound Engineering Arts Web Site

The SEA web site was completely redesigned for this year. It includes all information regarding the program such as syllabi, homework assignments, policies, job descriptions, and links to audio related sources. A new section was included this year that includes complete visual documentation of the entire construction project. This site can be view at:

Independent Studies

For students who have completed their SEA/Audio requirements, a new independent study was created to allow for further study and practice of surround sound recording and mixing.


My students took part in a wide variety of internship experiences including: CNBC, Walking Tree Studios, Water Music Studios, Verve records, Universal records, Masterdisk, Beartrack Recording Studios, Planet V Productions, ACM Records and MTV.

Guest Lecturers

Several guest lecturers were brought onto to campus to discuss various aspects of the professional audio industry. These guests included: Jim Kurzweil; audio engineer for CNBC; Tim Carroll from Linear Acoustics and Dolby Labs

Curriculum Vitae

Work Experience

March 2005 Awarded Promotion to Associate Professor

September 2004 - Awarded Tenure

September 1998 - Present; Assistant Professor of Audio at William Paterson University, Wayne, NJ. Responsibilities included the administration, instruction, creation, and development of a rigorous audio production education program within the music department. Under this charge, I am to propose the creation of a new major, define program objectives, establish an internship program, describe the necessary physical plant requirements, and oversee the operations of the facilities used by the Audio students. Currently, by duties include the following: Oversee the operation of the recording facilities located in 109 Shea Center, including maintenance and scheduling. Instruction: It is my charge to teach and create the curriculum for all lecture, practicum, seminar and independent study courses as well as mentor all internships. Development: Establish and maintain internships within the professional recording field, create and/or modify course syllabi as new technology is discovered and implemented in the industry, seek out funding sources, maintain correspondence with Audio alumni, and make available to the students visiting outside professionals and experts from the recording industry. It is now my responsibility to oversee the classical guitar juries and auditions. As such, the creation of the guidelines for the junior standing jury was created with the help of the music department guitar faculty.

August 1992 - June 1998; Assistant Professor and Director Of Sound Recording Technology in the School of Music at Fredonia State College, Fredonia, NY. Responsibilities included the administration, instruction, and development of the Sound Recording Technology Program. Administration: Oversee the operation of three recording facilities including maintenance and tape duplicating operations, supervise the studio manager, and create policy for the mentioned facilities. Also included in this heading is the monitoring of the physical needs of the studios, determining the requirements for entrance and graduation from/to the Sound Recording Major, and reporting to the Director of the School of Music on a regular basis. Instruction: It is my charge to teach and create the curriculum for all lecture, practicum, seminar and independent study courses as well as mentor all internships. Development: Establish and maintain internships within the professional recording field, create and/or modify course syllabi as new technology is discovered and implemented in the industry, seek out funding sources, maintain correspondence with SRT alumni, and make available to the students visiting outside professionals and experts from the recording industry.

August 1996 to August 1998; Director of School of Music Summer Sound Recording Technology Camp. The School of Music and the Sound Recording Department championed a weeklong introduction to sound recording techniques for high school students. This camp will be expanded to two weeks during the summer of 1997.

June 1996 - July 1996; Summer Orientation Academic Advisor at Fredonia State College. This included course recommendation, curriculum description and registration for all attending School of Music Freshmen and transfer students.

June 1995 - July 1995; Summer Orientation Academic Advisor at Fredonia State College. This included course recommendation, curriculum description and registration for all attending School of Music Freshmen and transfer students.

June 1994 - July 1994; Summer Orientation Academic Advisor at Fredonia State College. This included course recommendation, curriculum description and registration for all attending School of Music Freshmen and transfer students.

January 1992 - July 1992; Sales Manager and Product Specialist: Goldman's Musician Supply. Responsibilities included all facets of merchandising, purchasing, and selling of professional audio equipment

January 1988 - December 1991; Lecturer in Physics at Fredonia State College, Fredonia, NY. Responsible for considerable development and teaching of the following courses: Acoustics I and Acoustics II: in addition to instructing one College Physics Laboratory. Acoustics I included the study of musical acoustics: physical models and the major instrument groups, temperaments, etc. The second course in the sequence, Acoustics II, was a study of auditorium acoustics and psycho-acoustics. A majority of the students in these classes are Sound Recording Technology majors. Therefore additional material is presented which is pertinent to recording arts and related fields.

July 1987 - Present; Proprietor of Gaia Productions: a Mine Hill, NJ based Professional Audio Consulting firm: responsible for the composition, production, sound engineering, arranging, performing, and technical consulting of music for film, video, and a variety of commercial applications. Current national and international clients include: Corporate Productions, Scream West, Alltel, Master Your Mind Productions, Vision Films, The Braille Institute of America, Warren Miller Entertainment, Beerger Associates, Center for Indian Studies, and The Seneca Nation of Indians. WhatsInALightBulb Music is the associated ASCAP music publishing company. In addition, Gaia Productions is involved in live entertainment promotion on a local level.

January 1983 - June 1988; Sales Manager for Studio One, a division of Warren Radio. This position involved the merchandising of professional audio equipment in addition to consulting and the design of sound systems.

September 1979 - April 1983; Sound System Engineer and Guitar Instructor at Newman's House of Music, Fredonia, NY.

Educational Experience

Masters of Science in Special Studies, Fredonia State College, in Computer Aided Musical Composition, 1991. The research entailed a study of programming techniques, a mathematical study of Fractal Geometry, the design and implementation of a computer based MIDI sequencer which "plays" several fractals in an ensemble format, and the development of a musical work generated within this computer environment.

Bachelor of Science, Fredonia State College, dual major: Math/Physics and Sound Recording Technology, 1982.

Sound Engineering Arts Program Enhancements

The establishment of a distinct major in Sound Engineering Arts

A proposal that describes the curriculum, physical plant, staffing, required resources, enrollment, and admissions requirements for a Bachelor of Music with an emphasis in Sound Engineering Arts has been submitted and approved by the Faculty Senate. The first SEA major will graduate at the January commencement.

The establishment of a minor in Sound Engineering Arts

A proposal for the creation of a minor in sound engineering arts was approved by the music faculty and has been submitted and approved by the Faculty Senate. There are currently two enrolled SEA Minor

Proposal for the renovation of the present audio facilities

Drawings and cost estimates were created, with the help of Ted Clancey of IRT, for the renovation of Shea 108 and 109 to include an acoustically appropriate studio and control room which will be utilized as the main Audio teaching facility as well as a student lab. An architect has created a preliminary drawing and cost estimate for a new recital hall and a suite of recording studios that would take the form of a renovation to the existing Shea Auditorium. The plan for new recording facilities has been implemented and nearly completed.

Creation of a student section of the Audio Engineering Society:

The Audio Engineering Society is the only professional society devoted exclusively to audio technology. Its membership is comprised of leading engineers, scientists and other authorities throughout the world. William Paterson University has been chartered as a student section. AES provides funding for guest lecturers and holds large, biannual conferences in New York City. There have been a variety of guest lecturers during each semester.

Creation of the Audio Association

Beginning in the spring 1999 semester, the responsibilities of studio scheduling, basic studio maintenance, and studio security will be taken on by four students. These students will be elected board members of the Audio Association, which will be a Student Government recognized group. All Audio majors registered for any Audio courses are required to participate in the activities of the Audio Association. The students are currently planning strategies for fund raising.

Negotiated used tape donations from Quad Recording Studios

This tape is used for 24-track recording and is quite expensive. The tape was distributed to Audio 3 and 4 students for their projects


The following is a partial list of facilities now offering internships to William Paterson University Sound Engineering Arts majors: Walking Tree Studios, Montclair, NJ; Water Music Studios, Hoboken, NJ ; CNBC, Manhattan, NY; Bennett Studios, Englewood, NJ; ACM Records, Fairlawn, NJ; SONY Studios, Manhattan, NY; The Hit Factory, Manhattan, NY; MTV, Manhattan, NY, JSM, Manhattan, NY; Planet V, Manhattan, NY; Avatar Recording Studios, Manhattan, NY; Big Blue Meany Studios, Jersey City, NJ; Fox Studios, East Rutherford, NJ; ABC Sound, Manhattan, NY; Eastman School of Music, Rochester, NY; Howard Schwartz Studios, Manhattan, NY; Soundtrack, Manhattan, NY; Soundtrack, Boston, MA; Beartracks Studios, Suffern, NY; Terra Productions, Bergen, NJ; Kampo Cultural Complex, Manhattan, NY; The Record Plant Remote Recording Facility, Fairchild, NJ; ABC Sound, Manhattan, NY; Showplace Studios, Dover, NJ; Masterdisk Corp. Manhattan, NY; Avalanche Productions, Boulder, CO; Broadway Video, Manhattan, NY; JSM Music, Manhattan, NY; Baby Monster Studios, Manhattan, NY; Cove City Studios, Glen Cove, NY;

Each of these companies is state of the art recording studios or audio post-production facilities. We currently have a larger number of internships than internship requests.


As interest in the SEA program has dramatically increased, I regularly meet with a significant number of prospective students and field a large number of telephone and internet inquiries. I designed and implemented a significant web site, which describes the Sound Engineering Arts program in great detail. Information found at this site includes: details of the curriculum, entrance requirements, job opportunities and descriptions, and a significant list of categorized links to a variety of related audio areas.

Curricular Innovation

As part of an Alumni Association grant, a new course dealing with the new discipline of surround sound music recording and mixing will be developed. An internet based course entitled " Survey of the Audio Industry" was offered for the first time in spring 2000. MUS 126 Survey if the Audio Industry is a new course offered as an on-line course. This freshman level course is an introductory course for sound engineering arts students as well as other interested parties. This is the first music course to be offered as an internet course.

All of the SEA lecture courses now have a large web-based component. Students are required to utilize the internet to research and access information prior to class meetings.

The Major in Multimedia Arts. A new interdisciplinary major has been established beginning in the fall semester of 1997. I was one of six professors from the Music, Theater Arts, Art, and Communications departments given the responsibility of defining and implementing this major. As a result of this initiative, I taught the first Multimedia course entitled "Multimedia Arts Colloquium". This course introduced students to interdisciplinary study, the Multimedia Arts faculty, and computer/informational resources on campus.

Sound Recording Techniques for Music Educators

A graduate level course designed to instruct music educators in the hardware and techniques necessary to execute quality recordings for instruction, evaluation, and enjoyment.

Media Arts Colloquium

This course serves as an overview to the areas of the aesthetics, historical foundations, and analyses of multimedia arts design, production, and evaluation leading to a broad understanding of the multimedia field and interdisciplinary studies. Throughout the semester, a combination of media arts faculty, working professionals, and other individuals concerned with multimedia and related fields, will engage the student in a presentation and discussion format. Each presentation will deal with relevant areas of expertise, with the goal of providing greater insight to all area of media arts. An overview of related campus resources will be introduced.

Audio In Desktop Multimedia is a new course team taught by Professor Peterson and myself which will be offered each semester beginning fall 1995. This course will be an introduction to a few commonly used Macintosh based Multimedia creation applications with an emphasis on the audio aspect. We will also draw on faculty from Communications and Art with expertise in the visual regard.

An Independent study was offered each semester entitled Commercial Music Composition which was in part an extension of Electronic Music Composition II where students further explored the MIDI studio, digital sampling and tape synchronization. The syllabus further includes the requirement of composing several commercial bed music or jingle spots suitable for radio or TV broadcast.

Junior level "barrier" exams now exist which require students to demonstrate certain competencies prior to the commencement of their senior recording project.

The entire SRT curriculum will be revised during the spring 1997 semester in order to accommodate the Media Arts majors as well as to bring the curricula up to date in a rapidly changing industry.

Teaching Assistant is available to an advanced senior or a fifth year student. This independent study is an introduction to teaching recording arts where the teaching assistant aids in the mentoring of the sophomore sound practicum (ST 200 or 201). Other independent studies are available on an as needed basis.


My first charge as Director of Sound Recording Technology was to respond to the collage's deactivation of the SRT program. A proposal came forth which answered the administration's concerns. As a result of the ideas contained in this document, in addition to some political savvy by the School of Music administration, a Music Technology initiative was put forth which not only lead to the reactivation of SRT but also impacted favorably on the entire School of Music.


William Paterson University is now a member of the Society of Professional Audio Recording Studios which is intimately involved with educational consortiums and related issues including internships. This group has aided similar departments with funding for attending the Audio Engineering Society Convention.

Alumni Contacts

A gathering of SRT alums and majors took place during the AES convention in October of 1993. Having all these people in one place offered me the opportunity to begin creating a list alumni, their accomplishments and current endeavors which will aid in program development and has additionally helped in arranging many guest lectures. This "homecoming" also gave undergraduates direct access to successful members of the professional audio community. It is quite evident that Fredonia graduates are well recognized and respected by a large segment of the recording industry.


The following individuals were brought onto campus as guest lecturers:

Jim Kurzweil, audio engineer from CNBC, discussed the area of broadcast audio. He brought wiring plans of the CNBC studios and engaged the students in areas related to studio design and construction.

Tim Carroll of Linear Acoustics and Dolby Labs introduced the students to surround sound mixing for film and music production. He has offered his services as the SEA major further pursuits this cutting edge area of the professional audio industry.

Scott Hull, Mastering engineer currently working at the Hit Factory, in New York shared his insights and experiences as he worked his way from intern to chief engineer at a world class recording studio.

Jerry Pilato is an Emmy Award winning music director and audio producer for the NBC show "All My Children" He introduced the students to his role that includes hiring composers, choosing appropriate music, and digital computer editing.

Robert DiFondi spent time with the Audio Engineering Society chapter discussing his functioning as an audio post production engineer for television commercial concerns. Rob is currently working for Sound Lounge in New York City.

Bruce Miller, World – renowned recording engineer and producer spent an evening discussing his experiences and offered advice on a wide range of topics including: artist temperament, the importance of a diverse musical background, and recording and mixing techniques.

Zoe Thrall President of Avatar Recording Studios and SPARS officer discussed her views on surviving in the competitive professional audio world.

Andy VanDette Introduced the students to the area of audio mastering. He spoke on the subjects of exactly what mastering is and how he became a mastering engineer. Any also played examples of his work.

David Moulton is an active freelance audio engineer, producer, consultant, and educator. Formerly on the faculty at SUNY/Fredonia, Dave has served as Chair of Music Production and Engineering at Berkley College of Music and has taught at UMass/Lowell and Emerson College. Dave has graced us with his presence on multiple occasions, leading discussions on monitoring philosophies, acoustical design and signal processing techniques.

Carol Bousquet is Chairman of the Audio Engineering Society's "Women on Audio Committee" and is spearheading the AES's "Women in Audio Project 200" initiative. Carol is on the board of Directors of the American Loudspeaker Manufacturers Associating and is currently on the Executive Board of the Boston AES chapter. Ms. Bousquet discussed ferrofluidics and her recent work with regard to women in audio.

Sid Bernstein, one of the most innovative and influential music promoters spent an evening with Fredonia students relating his beginnings, his successes and his failures. His clients included The Beatles, Woody Allen, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennet, Judy Garland, and many others.

Eddie Kramer, a recording engineer/producer who's lists of clients and credits would fill many pages, lead a discussion of basic recording considerations, followed the next day by conducting a full recording session with selected students.

John Armand Petri discussed the trials and tribulations of life as a freelance producer. John was one of the first SRT majors at Fredonia. This appeared to instill amongst the students a connection to the world outside of Fredonia State. Mr. Petri has graciously offered his pedagologial services on an as needed basis.

John Poppo We were recently bless with a two-day visit from SRT alum John Poppo. John's list of credits is most impressive. His clients include: Mariah Carry, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Daryl Hall, Pet, Diana Ross, Janet Jackson, Luther Vandross, Pet Shop Boys, etc. He is a wonderful speaker and the students found him exciting and inspirational.

Larry Swist, a former Fredonia employee graced us with his presence twice and has expressed interest in continuing his service. His most recent visit included a recording session with a Fredonia jazz trio. He has worked with the likes of Chuck Mangione, Judy Collins, Spyro Gyra, etc.

Kooster McAllister, owner of the Record Plant Remote Recording Facility brought his recording truck and his crew for a full day of remote recording in King concert hall.

Jeff Tyzik, producer, arranger, studio owner, and composer for the likes of Doc Severinson, Chuck Mangione, HBO, and Gamalon, lead a discussion and mix session using the original 24-track master from Doc's most recent release.

Marty Newman, Vice President of Howard Schwartz Studios discussed audio post-production and the history of synchronization.

Greg Snow, a local studio owner and electronic technician presented his view of the recording and live sound industry primarily from a local/regional perspective.

Manufacturer Representatives from Yamaha International and Sennheiser Microphones met with the Audio Engineering Society to discuss recent advances in the recording industry.

Paul Prestopino, Maintenance Engineer for the Record Plant Remote Recording Facility. "Presto's" experience began thirty years ago in the top recording studios on the East coast. He has a broad base of knowledge both as a musician and as an engineer. He spent an entire day lecturing and providing demonstrations.

Student Accomplishments

A vast majority of SEA/Audio majors whom have graduated during my tenure are actively involved in audio and/or academia in the following capacities:

William Paterson University Students and Graduates:

Jay Lalumia, Assitant Engineer, XM Remote truck

Mike Dery, Post Engineer, The Audio Department

Brendan McPeak, Broadcast Engineer, CNBC

Kevin Antreassian, Owner, Backroom Studios

Kyle Cadena, Assistant Engineer, House Of Loud

Michael Ferretti, Engineer, Barbershop Studios

John Bradshaw, Chief Engineer, The Audio Department

Whitney Slaten, Doctoral Candidate in Enthnomusicology, Columbia University

Vince Verderame, Post Engineer, Broadway Audio

Robert Lebret, Staff Engineer, Bruce Springsteen

Adam Carelli, Audio Stage Crew, Performing Arts Facility, WPU

Bryan Mulford, Assistant Engineer, Big Blue Meany

Joseph Straquatanio, Monitor Mixer for Spyro Gyra

Peter Gary, Assistant Engineer, Effanel Production truck and the Record Plant Remote

Leigh Auer, Theatrical Sound Engineer, Freelance

Joe Steinwand, Studio Owner, Newton, NJ

Rich Prezioso, Assistant Engineer, Mirror Image Studios, New York, NY

Eric Carinsky, Audio Design and Quality Control: Apple Computers

Joe Waladkewics, Freelance Mastering Engineer

Matt Logie, Intern/Assistant Engineer, Portrait Studios, Pequannack, NJ

David Forgione: Assistant Engineer, Super Dupe, New York, NJ

Adner Colon, Intern, MTV, New York, NY

Tom Malkiewicz, Assistant Engineer, Showplace Studios, Bearsville Studios

Amy Farr,Assistant Engineer, Harmony 534 Studios, New York, NY

Kerridyn Quemore, Assistant Engineer, The Harmonic Ranch, New York, NY

Erich Trusheim, Assistant Engineer, Clinton Recording, New York, NY

David Tarzian, Engineer, Terra Productions, Bergen, NJ

Erin Farley, Assistant Engineer, Big Blue Meany, New York, NY

Matt Zimrodski, Production Assistant, Planet V Productions, New York, NY

Neil Rambaldi, Intern, Sony Music Studios, New York, NY

SUNY Fredonia Graduates

Robert DiFondi, Mixing Engineer, Sound Lounge, NY

David Lavine, Mastering Engineer, Eastco Pro, Buffalo, NY

Butch Chitty, Archiving Engineer, Dusman Audio, Rochester, NY

Chris Brazener, Recording Engineer, Pyramid Recording, Rochester, NY

Randy Merrill, Graduate Assistant, Eastman School of Music, Rochester, NY

Kathryn Queen, Assistant Engineer, Soundtrack Recording Studio, NYC

Justin Volpe, Recording Engineer, Manhattan School of Music

Matthew Carlson: Maintenance Engineer, Soundtrack Recording Studios, NYC

Kevin Hodge: CD Mastering Engineer, Master Cutting Room, NYC

Jim Kerswell: Audio Engineer, CNBC, Fort Lee, NJ

Christian Lane: Audio Installation Engineer and Recording Engineer, Avalanche Studios, Boulder, CO

Ann Lathan, Graduate Assistant and Audio Engineer, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH

Dan Nevue: Assistant Audio Post Engineer, Broadway Video, NYC

Brad Petrella: Maintenance Engineer, Soundtrack Recording Studios, NYC, Live Sound Engineer, Chautauqua Institute, Chautauqua, NY

Greg Thompson: Assistant Engineer, Kampo Cultural Arts Complex, NYC

Leo Ashby: Intern, Kampo Cultural Arts Complex, NYC

Greg Collins: Promotional Representative, Polygram Record Company

Steve Goodsell: Assistant Engineer, Dahjelon Studios, Rochester, NY

Chad Rainey: Technical Engineer, The Stereo Advantage, Buffalo, NY

Todd Schmeer: Engineer and Co-Owner of Carport Studios, Rochester, NY

Andrew Croucher: Intern, Pyramid Recording Studios, Rochester, NY

Harry Frank: Audio Engineer, On Site Video, Toledo, OH

Jack Shaw: Head Engineer, Berkley Square, Oakland, CA

Heidi Frierert: Live Sound Engineer, Syracuse, NY

Dan Maloney: Technical Assistant, Buffalo State College

Wayne Meyers: Graduate Fellow, Penn State

Chris Grehan: Freelance Engineer, Athens, Georgia

Chris Brazener: Intern, Sound Track Studios, NYC

John Stevens: Sales Executive, Whirlwind Industries, Rochester, NY

Charles Post: Assistant Engineer, Avatar Studios, Manhattan, NY

Mary Saragoussi, Intern, Planet Vee Productions, Manhattan, NY


William Paterson University Alumni Association Grant awarded nearly $6,000.00 for the

purpose of purchasing a surround sound monitoring and DVD authoring system. This grant also provides for expert training and the development of a new SEA elective in surround sound techniques.

Equipment Leasing Fund Grant (2001): The University granted $161,000.00 to purchase equipment for the two new studios - construction to begin April, 2002.

National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, Inc., National Professional Education

Committee: This grant will support the recording and archiving of Iroquois Social Dance Music ($4924.00). See attached grant proposal. $2800.00 was retained for future studio maintenance needs.

Scholarly Incentive Award: This is a supporting grant for the above mentioned NARAS grant

($1000.00). See attached grant proposal.

SCAP : I put forth a successful Student Computer Access Program proposal during the academic year 1992-3 which resulted in an approximately $10,000.00 grant. This money was used primarily for the Music Technology lab.

Campus Governance

Department of Music Faculty Council, 2003-2005

Search Committee for the position of Professor of Music Education 1999-2000

School of Music Personnel Committee 1996 - 1998

Faculty Council Member 1992-1995

Governance Committee 1993-1996

Governance Committee Liaison to Planning and Budget Committee, 1993-1996

School of Music Curriculum Committee, 1994 - 1996

School of Music Advisory Committee, 1995 - 1997

School of Music Computer Committee, 1995 - 1997

School of Music Building Committee, 1995 - 1997

Committee to propose a new interdisciplinary major in Multimedia Arts, 1996 - 1997

Scholarly Activities

2003; SAI Providence Day, Panel Participant discussing alternative careers in music

2001; Seneca Nation of Indians Language Preservation Project, Consultant and Instructor. The Seneca Nation received a grant to purchase the necessary equipment to record, edit, and create compact discs in an effort to preserve their language. I have been the ongoing consultant for this project and will delivered a four-day instructional in-service for the Seneca, Tonawanda, and other interested Iroquois groups.

2001; Speaker at the 8th Annual Stabilizing Indigenous Languages Conference at Northern Arizona University, June 15. Title of presentation: "The Use of Computer-Based Audio Editing Systems to Create Indigenous Language Education Materials". A web site was also created ( which contained supporting materials for the paper and presentation.

1996; Keynote Speaker at the annual meeting of The New York State Association of College Music Programs, Fredonia State College, Fredonia, NY

1996; Guest Speaker at the MidAmerican Music Conference Symposium on Commercial Music, Bowling Green State University, OH

1995; NARAS Grant award for recording Iroquois social dance music.

1994; Scholarly Incentive Grant for Iroquois social dance music recording.

1994; Sound Editor of a National Endowment for the Arts sponsored recording for Crystal Records featuring Lawrence Gwozdz.

1994; Audio Consultant for the film "Land of our Ancestors"; produced by the Seneca Nation of Indians.

1994; Contributor to forthcoming book authored by Dr. Carl Ferrarro, Communications, as yet untitled, concerned with desktop multimedia hardware and software.

1994; Guest lecturer and panelist for the Ethos composition clinic; presented current multimedia hardware and software and participated in a panel discussion related to film scoring.

1993; Guest lecturer for MENC chapter, topic was technology in education.

1992; Presented research paper to Department of Music faculty, Kingsborough College, Brooklyn, NY.

Engineering and Production Credits

Throughout: Engineer for various faculty and student recitals recordings and ensemble performance recordings.

2004: Steven Snow/Rosetta Bacon: "Do You Hear What I Hear", CD Release, Engineer/Editor

2004: Mid-Hudson Saxophone Quartet; CD Release, Engineer/Editor

2004: Halcyon Trio: Live Recording: Engineer Editor

2004: Brett Deubner/Gary Kirkpatrick: "Viola Dreams" CD Release: Engineer/Editor

2004: The Uptown Flutes: "An Uptown Christmas" CD Release: Engineer/Editor

2004: The Shiller Quartet: CD Release: Engineer/Editor

2004: DVD Project for Ron Mazurek: Engineer/Editor

2004: Peter Jarvis: Recording of Commissioned Marimba Works: Engineer/ Editor

2004: Manhattan Bones"Tribute": CD Release: Engineer/Editor

2004: Jazz Week at WPU: Live Recording: Engineer/Editor

2004: Steve Bryant/James Williams: Live Recording: Engineer/Editor

2004: Tony Kasner: Promotional CD: Engineer/Editor

2004: Nazarene Sect: CD Release: Mix Engineer

2003: Newburyport Chamber Music Festival: Engineer/Editor

2003: Brett Deubner - CD Release: Engineer/Editor

2003: Halcyon Trio – CD Release: Engineer/Editor

2003: Rosetta Bacon – CD Release: Mastering Engineer

2003: The Miasmics – CD Release: Mastering Engineer

2002: WPU Chorus and Orchestra - Elijah: Engineer/Editor

2002: Marianne Geveldt: Promotional CD: Engineer/Editor

2002: Stephan Bryant: Promotional CD: Engineer/Editor

2002: Vinson Hill: Palimpsest: Nosniv Music Release, Engineer/Editor

2002: Gary Kirkpatrick and Joel Lipton: Promotional CD: Live and studio recording, Engineer/Editor

2002: Pat Vandyke: Promotional CD : Various projects, Engineer/Editor

2002: Nick Cozack: Promotional CD : Engineer/Editor

2001: Vinson Hill: Synapse: Nosniv Music Release, Engineer/Editor

2001: Oftenot: Boy - Girl: Independent Release, Mix Engineer and Editor

2001: Penny Mann and Don Fornuto: From the Hart, Independent Release Engineer/Editor

2001: The Link: Creation of Web Site: Audio Consultant/Designer

2000: Steven Bryant: Promotional Compact Disc, Engineer/Editor

2000: Louisianna Philharmonic Orchestra: Hurricane: Albany Records Release, Engineer/Editor

2000: Karen Demsey and Greg Giannoscoli: Recollections of an Inland Lake: Capstone Records CD release, Engineer/Editor

1999: William Paterson University Summer Honor Band, Engineer and editor

1999: From Downtown: CD release for One Cool Guy, Pinball Records, Producer/mixing engineer

1999: Beyond Mirth: CD release, Producer/engineer

1999: Gifts:CD release for Lawrence Gwozdz: Albany Records, Engineer and Editor

1998: Archiving project for James Sample, former conductor with the Erie Philharmonic Orchestra. Created a CD version of his performance recordings.

1997: Sound design for Waiting for the Parade: for the Chautauqua ConservatoryTheater Company, engineer

1997: An International Tribute to Sigurd Rascher: CD release for Lawrence Gwozdz: Albany Records, Engineer and Editor

1997: Randolf School Steel Drum Band: CD release for compilation recording, engineer

1997: Three Days Old: CD release, engineer, producer

1997: Barry Kilpatrick : CD release on Mark Records, engineer

1996: The Rackham String Quartet: Demo recording

1996: Jamestown Junior Guilders: Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade vocal recording, engineer

1996: The Saints of Bleecker Street: Live!, CD release, engineer

1996: Armour and Sturdevant: YDLYD, Pyramid Records CD release, engineer

1995: Gazeuse!: Pet Anxieties, Humble Lion Musik CD release, engineer

1995: Dan Berggren and Peggy Eyers: Cloud Splitter, Sleeping Giant CD release , engineer

1995: Nick Batastella Italian Love Songs, cassette release, recording engineer

1995: Ounce of Kind cassette release, recording engineer

1995: Woody, recording engineer

1994: Faculty Brass Quintet Christmas radio commercial, recording engineer

1994: Lawrence Gwozdz Tribute To Rascher: Sound editor.

1994: "Houses of Our Fathers ": Audio post production, audio restoration, recording engineer, sound design.

1994: National Organization of Strings Conference, recording engineer

1994: Swyft Tyrtle, recording engineer

1994: Tim Capowski, "Hayden " , recording engineer.

1993: Zip and the Doo Dazs, "Dance Around You Crazy People! " CD project, recording engineer, producer.

1993: Fredonia DARE Program, "DARE ", recording engineer, producer, arranger. Selected as New York State DARE song.

1993: Intrepid, untitled, recording engineer.

1992: The Jim Runfola Big Band, untitled, recording engineer.

1992: Fallen Angel, "Fallen Angel ", recording engineer.

Professional Consulting

2003 The Vocal Performance Studio, acoustical consultation regarding sound isolation and acoustic treatment.

2003 St. James Hospital, Paterson, NJ – provided services in relation to conference recordings , digital editing and CD duplication

1999 The Puerto Rican Parade of Paterson, Provided expertise in the area of audio transfer, recording and editing . This formed a relationship with the music coordinator, Kike Cruz, with whom I will attempt to secure grants for the recording of traditional Puerto Rican and South American folk music.

1996 - 1999 Seneca Nation of Indians, Irving, NY, Education Department, Assistance in grant writing, equipment purchase, and training.

1995 County of Chautauqua Industrial Development Agency, New Business evaluation.

1994 Seneca Nation of Indians, Irving, NY, Film Sound/Archiving

1993 D and F Telephone, Fredonia, NY, Sound System Engineering Consultant

Presbyterian Church, Hamburg NY, Sound System Engineering

Busti Church of God, Busti, NY, Sound System Engineering


1999 Reseau Resonnant: with the Friends and Enemies of New Music, Manhattan

1997 - Founder of the Fredonia Faculty Jazz Ensemble. Performance: President Hefner's inauguration. Additional engagements are currently under negotiations

1997 - Solo or featured performer: Lilydale Fine Arts Council Series, Jamestown Community Music Project, various other performances

1996 "Extreme Winter", From the movie "Extreme Winter "

1994 "Extreme Winter", From the movie "Extreme Winter "

1994 "If There's a Will There's a Way", From the movie "Bright Beginnings "

1992 "Touch and Go", From the movie "Touch and Go"

Regional popular musical ensemble "The Cruisers", on-going, regular performances.

Regional jazz ensemble "Stratosphere", on-going, regular performances.

Published Musical Works (Partial List)

Films and their producers

"Extreme Winter", Warren Miller Enterprises

"Bright Beginnings", Braille Institute of America

"Brighter Visions", Braille Institute of America

"Beware of the Dragon", The Vision Group

Commercial Music (jingles)


Sunburst Travel

Sloan Melhuish Insurance

Music for the Spoken Word

"The Joy of Exercise", Master Your Mind Productions

"Yoga and Meditation", Gaia Productions


Founding Chairman of the Fredonia chapter of the Audio Engineering Society

Member of Pi Kappa Lambda

Faculty Advisor: William Paterson University Section of the Audio Engineering Society The Audio Association