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Percussion Studio : Required Repertoire & Equipment

The following list of music and equipment is necessary for freshman year college-level study. If you have already covered some of the basic pieces listed below there's no need to buy that repertoire again, but the pieces you haven't played and the equipment is mandatory and should be in hand by the first week school. There are various places from which you can order this equipment. Both Steve Weiss Music and Interstate Music are popular catalog choices, but most local music stores also carry these materials.


One pair of heavy orchestral Snare drum sticks, e.g., Vic Firth generals SD 1
One pair of light Drum set sticks, e.g., Peter Erskines or any 7As
One pair of brushes
Tambourine with calf skinhead, e.g. Grover or Steve Weiss model (cheapest, works fine)
2 pairs of medium yarn marimba mallets
One pair of hard, plastic Bell mallets, e.g. Malletech OR42R
One pair of hard, plastic xylophone Mallets, e.g. Malletech Becker BB 34
One pair of medium, heavy vibraphone Mallets, e.g. Mike Balter Arthur Lipner model 41R
One pair of medium Timpani mallets, e.g. Vic Firth general
Triangle, e.g. Alan Abel or Grover models
Practice pad

2 pairs of hard Marimba mallets
2 pairs of soft Marimba mallets
2 pairs of very hard, heavy vibraphone mallets
One pair of soft Timpani mallets
One pair of hard Timpani mallets
One pair of wood Timpani mallets
One pair of multi rods
One pair of brass Mallets
Snare Drum and concert height stand
Bass drum beater
Chine hammers
Crash cymbals


Snare Drum

Stick Control, by George Lawrence Stone
Advanced Etudes for Snare Drum, by Keith Aleo
Douze Études pour Caisse-Claire, by Jacques Delécluse
14 Modern Contest Solos, by John Pratt
Modern School for Snare Drum, by Morris Goldenberg


Etüden für Timpani, books 1 and 2, by Richard Hochrainer


Leigh Howard Stevens Method of Movement
Funny Mallets, Book 1, by N. Zivkovic
Sea Refractions, by Mitchell Peters
Prayer, by Richard Gibson
6 Suites for solo cello, by J.S. Bach

Multiple percussion

The Contemporary Percussionist, by Michael Udow