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Percussion Studio : Audition Requirements

Students auditioning for the Bachelor in Music programs are required to prepare snare drum and mallet percussion. If we have time we will also hear timpani, though this is not required.

Snare drum

Demonstrate standard rudiments and perform one rudimental solo (e.g. Wilcoxen or Pratt) or one concert solo (e.g. Cirone or Goldenburg)


All major scales, two octaves
Perform a two-mallet or four-mallet solo
Basic sight reading


Short solo or excerpt from band or orchestral repertoire

Students who have a weak background on mallet percussion can still audition for the program, but they may be accepted as a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Music Studies major. As a B.A. major they can fulfill some requirements for the Music Major, but not all. They can re-audition for the B.M. program (education, performance, management, or sound engineering arts) in the fall. In order to be competitive for the fall audition it is recommended that they take lessons on mallet instruments over the summer preceding their entry into the program. The basic requirements listed above must be met before the student can commence study at William Paterson University as a Classical Music Major with a percussion specialty.