Department of Communication

Sharmila Pixy Ferris


Office:   Hobart Hall 204
Phone:   (973) 720-3338
Office Hours:  

Department: Communication
Position: Professor: Communication Studies
Area Specialization: Computer-mediated communication, groups and teams, organizational communication, pedagogy and technology



Ph. D.   1995    Communication, the Pennsylvania State University        

B.A.      1989    English, Eastern Kentucky University                

B.A.Hons  1986  Psychology and English, Berea College                                      

B.A. First  1983  English, Economics, Political Science. St. Xavier’s College, Calcutta University



William Paterson University

Currently         Professor, Department of Communication, William Paterson University

2013-2017       Director, Social Justice Project, William Paterson University

2006-2011       Director, Center for Teaching Excellence, William Paterson University

2000-2006       Director, M. A. in Media Studies, William Paterson University



Undergraduate courses       

COMM 1100: Communication in Action                                      

COMM 1200: Mass Communication

COMM 2310: Organizational Communication

COMM 2620: Communicating Food

COMM 2440: Communication Research Foundations                                  

COMM 2600: Oral Interpretation      

COMM 2630: Public Speaking         

COMM 3400: Intercultural Communication                                                                                              

COMM 3600: Interpersonal Communication                                                   

COMM 3630: Public Speaking                                                                              

COMM 3610: Business and Professional Communication

COMM 3990: Language, Gender and Communication         

COMM 4630: Seminar in Groups and Teams

COMM 4640: Technology and Society


Graduate courses

COMS 5010: Communication Theories

COMS 6270: Introduction to Communication Research

PCOM 6040: Organizational Communication

PCOM 6090: Leadership and Group Communication

COMS 6190: Communication Technology and Social Interaction


Interdisciplinary Courses

WPU 1010: Freshman Seminar

WGS 1100: Women’s changing Roles

WGS 3480: Ecofeminism




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Godar, S., & Ferris, S. P. (Eds.) (2004). Virtual and Collaborative Teams: Theory, Process and Practice. Hershey, PA: Idea Group.


Ferris, S. P., Minielli, M., Phillips, K., & Mallard, J. (2003). Beyond Survival in the academy: A Practical Guide for Beginning Academics.  New Jersey: Hampton Press.



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Contact; 973-720-3338




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