William Healy


William HealyWilliam Healy

Associate Professor
Department of Professional Sales
William Paterson University

Address 1600 Valley Road, Room 4038, Wayne, NJ 07474
Telephone (973) 720-3832
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Ed.D. Education
Fairleigh Dickinson University, NJ                                                                                                                                                                                                   M.S. Applied Psychology
Steven’s Institute of Technology, NJ

M.A. Industrial Psychology
Fairleigh Dickinson University, NJ

B.S. Education and Psychology
University of Bridgeport, CT


Over thirty years of a unique blend of corporate, consulting, entrepreneurial and academic experiences in the areas of Salesforce Education, Sales Strategy, Sales and Management Curriculum Design and Corporate Consulting.


Basu, Sam; Kahyap, Rajiv; Kothandaraman, Prabakar and Healy, William (2014), “The Evolution of Professional Sales as an Academic Discipline,” Business Professor Teaching Summit, Drexel University, May 15, 2014.

Betts, S.C., Healy, W., Mir, R. & Vicari, V.J. (in press, 2010). ‘The Impact of Offshoring on Organizational Commitment: Recruiting, Training, and Ethical Concerns’. Journal of International Business Research.

Healy, W., Mir, R., Nassiripour, S., & Wong, H. (in press, 2010). ‘The New Multinational Corporation: Dilemmas of Control’. International Journal of Society Systems Science.
Healy, W.J., Taran, Z. & Betts, S.C. (in press) ‘Sales Course Design Using Experiential Learning Principles and Bloom’s Taxonomy’, Paper accepted for publication in the Journal of Instructional Pedagogies

Kothandaraman, Prabakar and Healy, William (2014), “Case-à-role: A Tool for Teaching Sales Strategically!” Presented at the National Conference on Sales Management, Miami, FL, (February 2014).

Kothandaraman, Prabakar; Healy, William and Agnihotri, Raj (2014), “Teaching ‘Strategic Selling’: Challenges and Remedy”, Under Review at the Society for Marketing Advances Winter Conference.

Kothandaraman, Prabakar; Mani, Sudha and Healy, William, “Konica Minolta Business Services: A Case Study” (Manuscript under review).
Marvin Gottlieb (Author), William J. Healy (Author),  "Making Deals: The Business of Negotiation" (1990) (Simon & Schuster)

William J. Healy (Developer)  "Strategic Learning Blueprint Process"


University Courses
Sales Management
Advanced Sales            
Professional Selling
Strategic Sales Planning
Key Account Management
Financial Service Sales  
Customer Relationship Management
Corporate Training Courses
Sales Leadership
Professional Selling Skills
Coaching and Mentoring
Strategic Sales Planning
Recruiting, Interviewing & Selection
Strategic Sales Management
Business Acumen
Team Building & Group Process
Effective Presentation Skills


Forte Development

Princeton Learning Systems

VMI Communication and Learning Systems            

Vice President, Sales and Management Training
American Express / Shearson Lehman

Vice President, Executive and Sales Management Development
Merrill Lynch

Financial Services Sales Consultant
CIGNA / Connecticut General       

Sales Representative
XEROX Corporation


William Paterson University
Student Retention Committee
Chair - Faculty Search Committee
AACSB Accreditation Committee
CCOB Curriculum Committee
Student Recruitment Committee

Russ Berrie Institute for Professional Sales
RBI Sales Triathlon
RBI National Sales Challenge
RBI Sales Career Fair


Received numerous industry and national awards including: The Society for Applied Learning, Mid-Atlantic Technology Council, N.J. Entrepreneurial Network, National Society for Performance and Instruction, Entrepreneur Magazine, Wall Street Technology Association and The US Distance Learning Association.