Competition Overview

RBI Sales Skill Academy


Sales Call Role-Play: Students engage in a fifteen-minute sales call role-play with a business executive. The role-play is then evaluated and scored on various aspects of the sales call, including approach and overall communication effectiveness, as well as ability to gather information, identify needs, provide information, present solutions, resolve concerns, and gain a commitment.

Below is a sample video.

 Speed Selling: Students create a two-minute sales pitch about themselves. Then each student meets individually with an executive and makes a two-minute pitch highlighting the reason he or she should be hired. A one-minute question and answer session follows; then, the student moves on to the next executive.

Below is a sample video.

Role Play Competition Guidelines

  • All contestants must report to their designated room 15 minutes prior to their scheduled role play time.
  • Each role play is limited to 15 minutes. The video recording will begin once the role play begins and will be turned off once the 15 minute time has expired.
  • Each contestant will be evaluated upon what transpired during the video recorded session. Judging criteria will be provided separately.
  • Judges are permitted in the evaluation room.
  • Visual aids that are prepared prior to each role play may be used during the role play. There will be no additional time allotted to create visual aids for presentation purposes.