Welcome to COIN 2016

Dean_ShojaiBusiness education, whether provided by Ivy League institutions or local state universities and colleges, has been criticized for not preparing students for the workforce and becoming highly abstract and academic. The academic emphasis, particularly on undergraduate business programs, has come at the expense of practical and experiential business acumen. Accrediting entities such as the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the premier business accrediting body, have recognized this shortcoming by emphasizing the role of experiential learning in providing effective and high quality business education.

The Cotsakos College of Business offers many experiential learning opportunities to its students including internships, business practicums, professional enrichment (PE) workshops, case competitions, and mentoring programs among others. The Crux of Industry Niche (the COIN) is an initiative that provides industry-focused and scalable boot camps to supplement the existing experiential programs at the Cotsakos College of Business and provide a niche to its graduates.

This year’s boot camp focuses on: Healthcare & Health Insurance; Real Estate, Banking & Credit Analysis; Food Services & Distribution; and Human Resources & Financial Services. I am pleased to present so many talented leaders from these industries to share their expertise with both our students and faculty. By building bridges between academics and industry, we are also building business leaders for the 21st century.

Best Regards,

Siamack Shojai, Ph.D.

Dean, Cotsakos College of Business
William Paterson University