Richard Garcia '84

Richard Garcia NJFCU Photo webRichard Garcia is the chief growth officer of North Jersey Federal Credit Union and has over 30 years experience in the banking and credit union industry. His background is primarily based in the community banking sector, where he has extensive experience in business and residential mortgage lending, including product development, secondary market, pricing and sales.

Garcia joined North Jersey Federal Credit Union in June of 2014 as vice president of lending, where he oversaw all lending for the company. In January of 2015, he was promoted to chief business development officer, responsible for all sales of the company, from retail banking to all aspects of the loan process. In March 2016, he was promoted to chief growth officer, retaining responsibility for sales and also working with the various municipalities, government entities, non-profits, consumer groups, and a number of Chamber of Commerce organizations in the North Jersey and New York marketplace.

Garcia came to North Jersey Federal after spending over 23 years at both Lakeland Bank and Hudson United Bank, both very large community banking institutions focusing on community involvement, client retention, and community lending for both residential and commercial loan business. He helped both Lakeland Bank and Hudson United Bank grow from very small community banks to regional banks with over 200 branches in the tri-state region.