Jeffrey Millar '80

Managing Director in Global Subsidiary Banking (GSB), MUFG

Seeing the Big Picture: Observations on the Fundamentals of Credit Analysis

Jeff MillarJeff will use anecdotes from his 30+ year career in global commercial banking to discuss credit analysis and decision-making. He will also share some of his experiences at WPU and how they prepared him for his career.

Jeff Millar is a Managing Director in Global Subsidiary Banking (GSB) at MUFG, one of the world’s largest financial institutions. GSB is an inter-disciplinary function of US Corporate Banking (USCB) focused on marketing, deal team management, product development, and troubleshooting related to the Bank’s international branch network.

Mr. Millar joined BTMU as a junior relationship manager (RM) in USCB from PNC Bank (NJ) in 1984. He served as a team leader for various corporate banking teams, and in 1996 was seconded to Singapore for four years where he launched the Bank’s Asia Relationship Management Desk, a regional RM activity covering US multinational clients in SE Asia. He returned to USCB in 2000, managing key relationships in the NY metropolitan area. In 2006 he accepted an international assignment in Shanghai to manage MNC relationships in Greater China, returning to USCB in March 2008. Jeff launched the Global Subsidiary Banking unit of BTMU in September 2010.

Mr. Millar earned a Bachelor of Arts (Honors International Management) in Business Administration from William Paterson University (1980) and completed language studies at National Taiwan Normal University’s Mandarin Training Center under a scholarship from the Association of American State Colleges and Universities.