Program Details

The MS in Sales Leadership is a 30 credit accelerated 11-month online and weekend program and is the first graduate sales degree in the nation.

The Fall 2018 semester includes:

Competency Based Coursework

  • Strategic Sales Leadership
  • Sales Talent Acquisition, Development & Management
  • Business and Financial Acumen
  • Data Driven Decision Making and Sales Analytics
  • Strategic Sales Planning and Processes

Sale Leadership Live Projects

  • Industry Analysis – A Sales Management Perspective
  • Enhancing the Sales Function for Tactical Excellence
  • Corporate Strategy and Sales Alignment

Sales Leadership Residencies

The Sales Leadership residencies focus on topical lectures by experts, student presentations and discussions, learner assessment, project progress, and hands-on leadership and sales management proficiency development. Students will participate in sales role- plays, simulations, boardroom presentations, and team exercises.