1. Is this an Executive Education program? What will my diploma say?

The format in which this program will be delivered is in an executive style. Meaning, the program offers weekend and online learning in an accelerated format. This is not a short-term executive education program that may typically award certificates of completion. This is a graduate degree program. The diploma will have the title of the program, namely, “Master of Science in Sales Leadership.”

2. Who will be awarding the degree?

William Paterson University will award the Master of Science in Sales Leadership degree.

3. Is the program accredited?

Yes. William Paterson University is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. The Cotsakos College of Business, which houses the Russ Berrie Institute for Professional Sales, is accredited by the AACSB International Accrediting Body.

4. What are the program highlights?

This is a very selective program for working executives who are recognized as star performers in current or potential roles in customer facing functions such as sales, solution design, support, account management etc

5. Who are the faculty for this program?

The program will be taught by experienced faculty drawn from both academia and industry; residencies will feature expert presentations and workshops.

6. What is the typical profile of students for this program?

We take a holistic view of a candidate’s profile to identify potential leaders who have made exceptional contributions in their executive roles; we are seeking highly motivated individuals who want to break through the glass ceiling and move up into exciting leadership roles in sales and other key strategic customer-centric functions. An ideal candidate will have 5+ years of experience in a customer-centric executive function, are recommended by their managers and peers as a star performer in their organization, have an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution, can do well in a fast-paced learning environment, and contribute to the richness of peer-to-peer learning.

7. What are the admission criteria?

This is a selective graduate degree program for working executives. Broad overview of admission criteria is as follows:

  • 5+ years of executive experience, excluding trainee level experience
  • Undergraduate degree in any discipline with a GPA of 3.0 or above
  • GMAT or GRE (optional)
  • TOEFL, ELS or IELTS (if your undergraduate degree is not from a non-English speaking country)
  • Interview Screening Process
  • Letter of nomination from the company in the prescribed format or a recommendation from someone in supervisory role

8. Currently “sales” is not part of my job responsibility. How would this program help?

This program is designed to help executives in sales and other customer-centric roles such as solution design, service support, account management, business development marketing, team management etc. to move up into strategic business roles requiring customer centric perspective, business and financial acumen, analytical capability and multi-faceted leadership roles.

9. Is it necessary that my company/organization provide a letter of support although I plan to pay the program myself?

Yes. We will require a letter of support from your organization as to further validate your candidacy. If you are an entrepreneur or own your own business, we may require supporting documentation to fulfill this requirement.

10. What are the structure and expectations of the program delivery?

  • The program has six residencies that require up to 2 days of time off to travel to Wayne, NJ to attend the residencies. Given the fast-paced nature of the program, missing these mandatory residencies may severely impact on-time completion. We would like your superiors to be aware of that.

  • Further, a third of the program is made up of projects that may require significant data access and some top management support to execute them successfully. We recommend that such projects are “live” projects that are highly relevant for the students’ respective companies.

11. I am graduating this May. Can I enroll in this program?

We are glad you are considering our program; however, given the nature of this program, we are currently not admitting fresh graduates. However, if you have the required years of experience and relevant credentials to the program your application may be considered.

12. What is the duration of the program? How many credits?

The program is designed for completion in just over 11 months. This is a 30-credit graduate degree program.

13. How is the program delivered?

This is a hybrid degree program. Each course is delivered approximately 65% online and balance face-to-face. The six residencies will constitute the face-to-face component of the program.

14. What is the duration/structure of a typical weekend residency?

We expect the student to reach our campus located in Wayne, NJ by 5 PM on a Thursday, work through dinner, full day Friday and depart just after noon on Saturday.

15. Is it possible to complete the program while you are working?

Yes. This program is designed exclusively for working executives.

16. Is this only for NJ residents?

No. Students from anywhere in the US or foreign countries are welcome to apply.

17. I do not live in the USA. Can I apply for the program?

Yes. We welcome your application.

18. What is the program fee? What does it include?

The program has a flat fee of $40,000. It includes tuition, technology and program materiel fee (books), board and lodge during residency; it does not include travel to and from the residency location.

19. Does WPU offer a payment plan for program fee or do I have to pay it in full?

Yes, the university is flexible in structuring a tuition installment plan either with the individual student or with the company. All expectations for affording the program should be discussed and validated prior to enrollment. Students are charged for the program based on the number of credits enrolled in each sequence of the program. A more comprehensive and detailed description will be provided upon discussion with the admissions counselors or program managers.

20. Is the program eligible for financial aid?

Yes, the program has been approved for financial aid in the form of student based loans. Students should file a FAFSA application on FAFSA.gov and use their current tax information to validate the information. Once submitted, it will take a few days for our financial aid department to package your eligibility and then share details of the loan to you for further action. Note – you must show program enrollment of courses prior to financial aid becoming active.

21. Are there any scholarships available for this program?

Currently there are no graduate level scholarships, however you should check with your company to see if they offer tuition remission, you may apply for a graduate assistantship if one becomes available and you may seek external financial support.

22. What are the deadlines and when does the program begin?

The program is slated to launch fall 2018 and continue through 2019. Each year the program will begin in the fall semester and will be offered in a cohort structure. Students are encouraged to apply for the program ASAP and no current specified deadlines are listed. However, to assure quality application review and timely paperwork we encourage applications no later than July 1.