Department of Marketing and Management Sciences

Dr. Chen-Ho (Mike) Chao


Office: VR3053
Phone: (973) 720-3746
Office Hours: By Appointment Only

Department: Marketing and Management
Position: Professor

Area Specialization
Internationalization/ regionalization of multinational enterprises (MNEs), standardization vs. localization of MNEs’ websites, consumers and MNEs from “Greater China Region” and country-of-origin (COO) effects in international marketing


Ph D (Business Administration). Saint Louis University, 2006.
MBA University of Missouri - Columbia, 2001.
Bachelor of Commerce (Business Administration). National Chengchi University, 1998.

Representative Publications and Presentations

Book Chapters

Florenthal, B., Chao, C.-H. (2015). In Janee N. Burkhalter and Natalie T. Wood: IGI Global (Ed.), Corporate Communicative Engagement in Micro-blogging: Cross-Cultural Analysis of Weibo and Twitter. Maximizing Commerce and Marketing Strategies through Micro-Blogging.

Refereed Journal Articles

Feng, S., Suri, R., Chao, C.-H., Koc, U. (2017). Presenting Comparative Price Promotions Vertically or Horizontally: Does It Matter? Journal of Business Research.

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Conference Proceedings

Chao, C.-H., Nagaraj, P. (2017). MNCs’ R&D Location Choice: The Perspective of Regulatory Institutional Distance. Qingdao: Asian Business Association.

Kashyap, R. K., Mir, R. A., Feng, S., Chao, C.-H. (2016). Microfoundations of a Dynamic Market Knowledge Capability: Empirical Explorations under Conditions of Environmental Uncertainty. Paris: Proceedings of the 2016 World Marketing Congress of the Academy of Marketing Science.

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