Department of Economics, Finance and Global Business

Dr. Ge Zhang

Dr. Ge Zhang

Office: V3039
Phone: 973-720-2411
Office Hours: By appointment

Department: Economics, Finance and GlobalBus
Position: Associate Professor

Area Specialization
Corporate finance, investment, risk management


Ph D, (Finance). Duke University

Representative Publications

Cai, F. C., Xu, L., Zhang, G. (2014). The Impact Of Weekly Options On The Stock Returns and Volatility. International Journal of Finance, 26(1).

Zhang, G., Chen, H., Cai, F. C. (2014). Stock Clustering Effect from Weekly Equity Options. Journal of Economics, Business and Management, 2(2), 112-124.

Zhang, G. (2012). Dividend Initiation During Financial Turmoil. Journal of Academy of Business and Economics, 12(3).

Bian, J., Wang, J., Zhang, G. (2012). Chinese block transactions and the market reaction. China Economic Review, 23(1), 181-189.

Lu, L., Wang, J., Zhang, G. (2012). Long term performance of leveraged    ETFs. Financial Services Review, 21(1), 63-80.

Nam, J., Wang, J., Zhang, G. (2010). The Impact of Dividend Tax Cuts and Managerial Stock Holdings on Corporate Dividend Policy. Global Finance Journal, 21(3), 275-292.