Summer Art in China 2015

Student Statements

Mark Dellanno

This trip has been like stepping into a new world, complete with merits and flaws. Every second is a new experience and adventure that will never be forgotten.”


Jennifer Hastings

Traveling in China is like having a dream of home, where everything seems familiar, until you look closely and realize all the colors and shapes are wrong.”

Lindsay Gotthold

Every day is the reason to celebrate and remember the past.”


John McElrone

With each step I’ve taken, whether it be on the streets of Shanghai or the soil of Guizhou’s mountainside, I’ve gained experiences I could have never dreamed of. Exploring the minority villages and their art was remarkable to see, and is still somewhat surreal. These are moments in my life I will never forget.”


Michelle LeGrand

Since the beginning of the trip, I have been overwhelmed by the beautiful land, the rich culture, and the hospitable people. This has truly been an experience of a lifetime, and I can’t wait to share what I have learned.”