Summer Art in China 2011

 Student Statements

Kali Wallace:

China is truly a place like no other, and I'll never forget how lucky I am to have been able to see the country as I did. I'm so grateful for the experience and my newly toned leg muscles.”


Rich Campanella:

Being immersed in a vibrant culture form the other side of the world has opened my eyes and taught me so much. The friends I've made, the sights I've seen, and the experience as a whole will forever influence all that I do and create. Ballza.”


Alysha Bartunek:

China was an eye-opening, once in a lifetime, personal experience that I will never forget -- with people who made me laugh every second of every day. Singing the Lion King on top of a mountain peak just topped it all off.”

Nicole Fetkowitz:

It's an unbelievable feeling to go to a place that developed so separately from the West and still feel so at home.”


Guest Faculty from China 2011

Xiaoyang Yang: President of China National Academy of Painting and Vice-chair of the China Artists Association. President Yang gave a lecture "Big art, big academy and large freehand" to introduce today's Chinese art and explain the intent of the academy.

Huangsheng Wang: Professor and Director of the Art Museum at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts school and museum; Dr. Wang gave a lecture about the history and present mission of the China Central Academy of Fine Art, and told about the current exhibition at the museum.

Shunxi Yao: Currently an associate professor and supervisor of graduate students at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Prof. Yao gave a demonstration of Chinese landscape painting.

Ping Li: Ms. Li is the owner and director of Beijing Shuimo Yonghe Gallery. She gave an introduction about Beijing art galleries, her gallery and the artwork.

Daojian Pi: Professor Pi, a famous art historian in China, gave an introduction about his art philosophy and standards to curate the artist Jun Li's work for an exhibition at Shuimo Yonghe Gallery.

Yong Liu: Currently the chief editor of contemporary Boutique Art Newspaper and CEO, Wonderful Life Restaurant Group, Mr. Yong gave a lecture and demonstration of Chinese Ink Painting.

Dang He: a Provost and oil painting professor at the Xi'an Academy of Art, Dr. Dang He gave a lecture regarding the academy and higher art education in China.

Book: Summer Art in China 2011
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