Summer Art in China 2008

 Student Statements

Keli Dougherty:

This adventure through time and culture in China has made the country side of ‘The Good Earth’ more real to me and to see first-hand how the Chinese have embraced their history and embodied it in their art will forever change and inspire how I create mine.”


Amanda Nicholson:

I know that I really learned something here, because instead of feeling like I understand China better, I realize how much more there is to understand.”


Nicholas Patrick Colbert:

The further I ventured into Chinese history and culture through firsthand experience; I not only began to understand the East, but also realized how much I didn't see in the West.”

Casey Lorelle Walker:

This trip has had a huge impact on the way I view my future role as a teacher and helped me to see the importance of multicultural literacy.”


Guest Faculty from China 2008

Chen Lusheng: Curator of the National Art Museum of China. Mr. Cheng gave a talk in Beijing entitled “How to View Chinese Art and gave an introduction to the China Lamp Museum in Yangzhong City.

Li Jieming: Director of Shaanxi Provincial Art Museum, Vice President of Shaanxi Calligraphy Association. Mr. Li gave a lecture to introduce the Shaanxi Provincial Art Museum and a demonstration of Chinese Calligraphy.

Jia Sigui: An International Special-Class Folk Artist of Industrial Art. Mr. Jia gave a demonstration of paper cutting.

Zhen Muqian: Chinese Seal Carving Artist. Mr. Zhen gave a demonstration of Seal Carving.

Gong Jianjun: Owner of the China Tie-Dye Company. Mr. Gong demonstrated two techniques used in tie dying silk.

Shen Qipeng: Vice President of Nantong University. Mr. Shen showed a video tape, discussed his biography and indicated his ten favorite painting. Mr. Shen then gave a Chinese ink painting demonstration.

Hou Dejian: Director of the Nantong Art Institute. Mr. Hou delivered a lecture and then gave a demonstration of his art.

Zhu Jianhui: Member of the China Artist Association. Mr. Zhu gave a demonstration of "Multi-Plate Wood Cut Technique."

Book: Summer Art in China 2008
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