Summer Art in China 2001

 Student Statements

Chris Manzione:

This was my first time outside of the country. It has been the most inspirational experience of my life. I have learned so much about art, culture, the world and myself that I will never forget. Thank you Professor Cong.”


Amanda Latella:

I had an amazing time! I never learned so much in three weeks. I've come back a changed person.”


Tim Trentacoste:

The country is so rich in tradition but in the same respect contains a great deal of poverty which is the reflection upon the Chinese art of today; an amazing blend of their old culture and tradition with a bit of their modern lifestyle.”

Eric Holden:

I wanted to throw my passport off the top of Yellow Mountain and spend the rest of my life absorbing all the splendor China has to offer. Professor Cong helped me open my eyes to a whole new beautiful world on the other side of ours.”


Guest Faculty from China 2001

Fang Jun: Is a former Dean of the School of Art at Nanjing Arts Institute. Mr. Fang's presentation was on Chinese ink painting and he demonstrated Chinese landscape painting.

Liang Huazhong: Professor of Art at Anhui University-College of Arts. Mr. Liang demonstrated ink painting using the Yellow Mountains as his subject.

Peng Yu Jue: Master printmaker and currently the Director of the Souzhou Printmaking Institute. Mr. Peng’s lecture and slide presentation was on “Taohuawu Traditional and Souzhou Modern Printmaking.

Weng Chenghao: Associate Director of Jiangsu Printmaking Institute. Mr. Weng provided a demonstration and workshop on Chinese watercolor woodblock printmaking.

Yuan Mu: Professor at the College of Arts, Suzhou University. Mr. Yuan’s lecture was on the “History of Traditional Chinese Painting.”

Wu Yuan Kui: Professor of Chinese painting at Nanjing Arts Institute. Mr. Wu demonstrated Chinese bird and flower and figure painting.

Ye Fang: Is an artist at the Souzhou Chinese Painting Institute. Mr. Fang conducted a tour and provided deep insights into “Souzhou Gardens” during his presentation.

Yang Chun Hua: Professor of Printmaking at Nanjing Arts Institute. Ms. Yang demonstrated woodblock printmaking.

Zhou Yiqing: Director of the Printmaking department as well as Professor of printmaking. Mr. Zhou’s presentation was on the history of Chinese painting.


Book: Summer Art in China 2001