Student Work and Comments

Jenni Lombardi

Natalie Delara

Nicole Caloia: “Chinese ink painting is a new technique and medium for me. Even though this medium and its techniques are grounded in tradition, I feel that there is room to experiment and introduce it into my own work.”

Jenni Lombardi: “Chinese ink painting was definitely an inspirational class for me. Painting has always been a passion of mine, but I was only familiar with using acrylics up until now. To learn a completely different method and approach to art was exciting while giving me new insight into how I may continue to paint.”

“This course gave me a lot of insight into Chinese culture, and also gave me a new-found respect for ink painting as an art. I hope to continue practicing my skills after the course is over.”

Melinda Milano


Jeannette Camacho

Heather Lucas: “I never really thought about Chinese ink painting. It seems that this type of painting is not as celebrated as it should be in the United States. I think if more people knew about this somewhat lost art, a lot more people would be interested in it.”

Jeannette Camacho: “I have enjoyed learning about Chinese art first-hand from a master, as well as from the masters that taught you. It is a special legacy. Maybe that is something missing in Western art—a sense of tradition. Instead, the focus is often on originality for the sake of being sensational but it doesn’t always reflect any talent or skill. In my opinion, what this course has shown me is that great art is a mix of originality and tradition.”

Kelly Dougherty

Nicole Caloia

Sarah Menchise: “In this course I discovered a whole new connection between culture and art. In the Chinese cultural tradition, there exists a powerful relation to how art is handled.”

“I would take this class to learn the basics, and with extra practice and via demonstrations, I would be one step ahead to discover more advanced cultural aspects that would be introduced to me in future courses.”

Karenann Sinocchi: “With no previous knowledge of the art and culture of China, I enrolled in the class with my eyes wide open. As a first-time Chinese ink painter, I found the medium and craft to be an enjoyable, yet challenging, experience.”

Meghan Powers: “Chinese ink painting was one of the most interesting, yet challenging, classes I have taken during my college career. I am grateful to those who introduced it into the art department. There was so much valuable information to be learned about this art form of art. I am glad I was able to experience first-hand the techniques of western art.”

Heather Lucas

Jeanette Camacho