Professional Badge

The Career Development Badge will prepare students to conduct a successful job search, as well as increase their capacity to obtain and sustain careers after graduation. Through participation in individual and group events and interactions with employers, students will be able to navigate the elements of joining the workforce and becoming professionals within their chosen fields.


Students who participate in the Career Development Badge will:

  • Understand the guidelines for creating an effective resume
  • Acquire professional etiquette skills to use while conducting a job search and interacting in professional environments
  • Learn how to utilize social media to create a positive personal brand and network


Step 1: Schedule and attend an appointment with a member of the Career Development Center staff.

Appointment topics can include

  • Career counseling
  • Resume review
  • Cover letter writing/review
  • Mock interview
  • Internship & job search strategies
  • Networking strategies and LinkedIn profile creation

Step 2: Upload an approved resume in Trailblazer

Step 3: Attend the Career & Internship Fair and/or Networking Night event

Step 4: Attend an additional Career Development Event:

  • Workshop
  • Employer Presentation
  • Networking Night
  • Specialized Event